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If I Stay on Vacation, I Won’t Have to Clean the House June 25, 2007

Filed under: Lacko Family Chronicles,travel — rjlacko @ 8:31 pm

Our vacation is officially over. You know how I can tell? The house is a mess from one end to the next. Truthfully, I cleaned it all up just before we left… then just just before we left, we undid all my efforts with the last-minute “oh no! did you pack…?” chaos that accompanies new parenthood. Sure, we can pack for ourselves; I’ve perfected the week’s worth of coordinated outfits, toiletries and shoes for every occasion in a neat carry-on attache gig. I wow myself at every trip, in fact, packing usually more than I ever actually wear in a small, rolling suitcase I don’t even need to check at the airport… but a baby brings an entirely new dimension. We were driving, thank goodness, so we could allow ourselves more than we would on a plane trip, certainly, but by the time we were an hour past our planned get-away time, we were still haggling about whether to pack his gargantuan, un-foldable Jumperoo. And not a room in the house could be considered neat or tidy by any stretch of the imagination. So we’re back, and it’s a mess.


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