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The (Mostly) Daily Dish June 25, 2007

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Today is one of those sweet, sweet days. I’ve got plenty of reasons to smile on most days, but today has been especially lovely. My 3-month old, Little J, woke up full of giggles and smiles, happily chattering away to Big J and I. He is the epitome of the word ‘delight’; we delight in his every little achievement, facial expression and soiled diaper, and he delights in all things–well, all those things within his limited eyeshot. He makes the world such a fun place.
The sun always shines around here, this is California, after all, but often I take it for granted. On our walk today, I enjoyed the warm sun on my skin and was thankful for where I live. I need to be, more often.
How is it that one day, one so similar to all the rest, can be separated as special? I don’t know whether it’s a trust issue, or just his tender age, but often when I switch sides, he’ll cry out or roll his head back and do the cutest little pout of protest, believing the feeding has come to and end. When he latched on again, his little mouth was still in a saucy pout, and I broke out in laughter. (To my knowledge, I’ve always nursed until I’m certain he’s satisfied. When will he be patient and trust that I will see to it that his needs are met?) One golden tip to remember–my laughter usually sparks his. While his pout is cutey-cute-cute, his laugh is magnificent.
Anyway, today was also filled with vacation plans, graphic design ideas, and good cooking. We’ve booked our spa vaca for next month, and I can not wait to be robed, exfoliated, buffed, massaged and moisturized. Again, and again, and again. Can you be TOO relaxed? Oh, I think not.


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