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A Few Of My Favorite Things June 29, 2007

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I’m not a scrapbooker, I’m terrible about keeping our many photos arranged or even, well, anyplace except in folders on the computer, so I’d like to commemorate my son’s many wonderful achievements—and just the things that warm my heart.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways:
1. I love how Baby Joseph wakes with a smile. Head often buried in the pillow, I see his the corner of his lips turn up even before his eyes have opened. And, if you whisper sweet nothings to him, he will smile, even as he slumbers. Collectively now: aaaaaaahhhhh.
2. Speaking of smiles, Joseph is an incredibly happy and giggly little boy. I’m so, so happy about this. During my pregnancy, I read (with horror) countless parenting manuals recounting stories of grumpy, colicky, stubborn and finicky children. My little guy’s ready smile and joyful outlook on life is, well, a reflection of my own joy of motherhood.
3. Since the New Year, I’ve been quite impressed by Joseph’s willingness to help get dressed. He with pull his arm out of—or into—his sleeve as the case may require, and will step gingerly out of his pants, especially if stepping into the bath comes directly after. It doesn’t seem like much, but after so many months of mom-handling him into and out of his clothes, it’s fascinating to watch the process dawn on him. Can you imagine the fits of delight I’ll experience when he actually picks out his own clothes?
4. How cute is this: Joseph now brushes his own hair. Well, he makes the motion, using the correct tool. He has never said the word, “hair,” but evidently he knows it’s there. After all, it wasn’t too long ago that he discovered his toes, and those are right under his nose.
5. Ask yourself, have you ever considered brushing your teeth a “good time”? My son does! Joseph actually howls with laughter over his little infant toothbrush. Do I dare hope that, unlike my brothers, my son may actually develop good hygiene habits?
6. Clearly, there wouldn’t be any need for brushing if there weren’t any teeth. He now has two on the bottom and four on top! (two are only mini-poke-throughs but I’m counting them.)
7. Naturally, with teeth comes a wider repertoire of food. I’m pleased as punch to announce that my son doesn’t like punch (juice), but is a fan of veggies, hummus, Indian food, and all manner of wildly nutritious foods. Now, if only I could save him from mommy’s penchant for ice cream. I need to give up my own bad habit before it’s too late for him!
8. I seem to be overly interested in my son’s mouth; I’ve taken yet more pleasure in the development of Joseph’s first words. Certainly, my heart swelled when, at 7 months he began saying, ‘mum mum mum…” (And might I add, with some pride, it still seems to be his favorite word.) He has expanded to, “hi!” and, “bye!” and, “baby!” and, “yogurt!” and, “uh oh!” All good stuff! It’s also important to mention that my thankfulness for the cutting of these teeth stems from the sleepless nights of fevers, swollen gums and endless crying. And the baby was pretty out of sorts, too.
9. While he’s always loved them, this list would not be complete without mention of Joseph’s passion for bathing and going for a stroll. Yes, I know, every baby loves to go for a walk in the stroller, and virtually every one splashes merrily in the tub. It’s cute, though, isn’t it? Childless people sometimes worry they’re too self-involved to be parents; once you become one, however, your joy comes from watching theirs’, I promise.
10. And last, but certainly not the least, Joseph is now WALKING! Sure, he teeters, legs widespread like a cowboy after a daylong ride, but he’s a walker, now! Last night, he even attempted to run to me. Hopefully all this new exercise will help him to sleep better at night. Wish us luck!
11. Oh wait! One last item! I love observing the relationship that has developed between Joseph and the cat. Now a daily ritual, my son will crawl or walk over to the cat, put his arms around him and lay his head on the cat’s body, using him as a warm, fluffy pillow. That’s a nice kitty, good kitty!

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