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A Whole New Ballgame June 29, 2007

Filed under: Lacko Family Chronicles — rjlacko @ 6:36 pm

Riddle: What can be whiny then happy then clingy then stubborn then overjoyed then curious then cranky then hungry then lovey then demanding–all within the space of 15 minutes?

A pregnant woman in her third trimester?
A bipolar in need of a prescription?
Or, a two-year-old sharing his mommy and daddy with a new baby brother…

Our little guy’s world has been turned upside down, it’s true. And, he’s at “that age.” We spend each day finding new ways to convey to Joseph that he is still our treasure and our love, through one-on-one time, listening and laughing with him and his ongoing discovery of his world, and doling out hugs and kisses for each worry, scratch or disappointment.

In truth, he’s overly fond of his baby brother, and shows him great affection and attention. It’s us–or me, rather–that he is testing. How far can I push this woman who is otherwise helpless while nursing a newborn? I’m stepping up my gentle version of discipline, a method so gentle in fact that it was (formerly) virtually undetectable. Now, I’m employing all sorts of tactics including counting to three, telling him what is going to happen in what order (you can have strawberries AFTER we change your diaper) and giving consequences for undesirable behavior. Top of our list for most undesirable? Throwing things, ESPECIALLY at people. His preschool group actually condoned throwing–one of the main reasons we pulled him from that program. He’s also a miniature Tarzan, climbing anything and everything, and jumping, swinging and, alas, falling from wherever he’s managed to ascend. Note to self: I need to speak to the doctor about exactly how many bonks to the head is too many.

But I must add he’s as cuddly-sweet as ever, and is doing so well with his numbers, letters and shapes. He is using longer sentences, breaking into recognizable songs, and he can identify pretty much anything. He’s also quite the music lover and critic. In the car, he sits in his carseat deeply contemplating the music, which results in one of three choices: 1) he rocks his head and taps his feet to the beat; 2) or if he doesn’t like what he hears, he calls for the next song; or 3) he calls “again!” for those songs he especially loves.

Our littlest Lacko is nothing short of wonderful. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m now experienced, or if by comparison, a toddler is so much extra work, but taking care of my little Noah is a breeze. From the first week, he was smiling socially, and is now breaking into giggles. He has been holding his head up quite admirably since about week 2, so I think he’ll grow to be strong and sure of himself. He’s a huge fan of breastmilk, is growing by leaps and bounds and was already wearing 3-month clothes at only 6 weeks! He gives me a deep sense of “completion” like everything in my universe is how it should be and we are complete as a family. People often ask about when we’ll start “trying for a girl” but I’m really quite satisfied. Perhaps when Noah and Joseph are both in school, I’ll suddenly be desperate to be pregnant again…then again, while I’m no spring chicken, by that time I’ll be even less of one. So perhaps not. We’ll see, but for now, I love my boys, and I couldn’t be happier with our family. And that feels good!


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