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A Whole New World June 29, 2007

Filed under: Lacko Family Chronicles — rjlacko @ 6:23 pm

Everywhere I go, when people ask how old my big, big baby is, and I tell them he is now 8 months, I always get the same response: “Oh, that is such a fun age! And it only gets better!”

Eight months is proving to be an incredible turning point for Baby J. It’s true, what a fun month! And how different from all the others! Baby just keeps getting taller and stronger, and uses his vibrant little limbs to practice standing. Yes, he’s pulling himself up all on his own now. He also loves to practice standing, and will put out his hands for me to lift him to a standing position. He has become so adept at it, that today we listened to an entire children’s singalong CD, holding hands and “dancing”.

There is a downside to our babe’s mobility. That boy will not lay still on the changetable! The moment I get the dirty diaper off, he immediately tries to roll into crawl position. I literally have to wrestle him, kicking and screaming, into a fresh dipey and clothes. What gives?

It’s interesting to see how now he is able to simply put a finger on something he desires, and poof! just like that he’s got it in his hand. Gone are the days of flailing limbs swatting in the general direction of a toy (or the cat). He can get to, and grab, pretty much whatever he sets out for. Yet more interestingly, the very week our son developed this ability, the cat seemed to have developed a tolerance for being grabbed. Our kitty will now actually lay nearby and allow the baby to (with a wide and wonderful smile) stroke his ears, pull his tail, grab fistfuls of his coat, and even separate the toes of his paws. It’s only when Baby J lets out a loud shriek of delight that the cat bolts.

Speaking of shrieking, how loud is normal? As I’ve mentioned before, our son is one of those LOUD babies. This is just a phase, right? The ringing in my ears will soon fade, please oh please? We do, however, enjoy his new ability to create whole sentences of varied babble. I receive a number of baby-advice emails from several parenting websites, and I can’t remember which one, but I read that if the baby isn’t using his consonants by 9 months, to talk to the ped about a possible hearing difficulty. These little tidbits of info keep me up nights. Thankfully, our son says it all, vowels and consonants alike. Is there anything we can be free from worry about? Consonants!

The teething continues to harrass our little guy. Try as he may to keep a smile, his mouth betrays him, occasionally. Drooling, runny nose, frustration, and that’s just the beginning. He seems so at odds with the discomfort, like he’s trying so hard to get on with play and snuggles, but his gums get the best of him and he breaks down. Thankfully, he has some better days, but I just wish the teeth would come in, already. Any advice about handling teething would be helpful.

It’s amazing to watch Baby J grow. It seems unbelievable that I gave birth to a tiny infant baby earlier this year. I now have this little boy. Our neighbor commented “they grow up so fast,” (as old as that comment is, it just begs to be said, again and again,) and while my little baby boy will always be my baby, I really struggle with the speed of change we’re going through. I’ve never been a person confined to, or comforted by, routine. Indeed, I’ve sought out and welcomed change all through my life, and now I find myself lingering at every cuddle, urgent to kiss him just a few extra times, because I’m a little afraid I’ll wake up one morning to find an independent, energetic child too busy for mommy’s kisses and hugs. OK, so I know our job as parents is to raise energetic, independent people who go out into the world, I get it. But I can’t help but want to hold onto each day, relish my son’s bright smiles and little hand around my neck, stroke his chubby thighs and tickle his back. I just need to remind myself that, after all, that while 7 months was wonderful, 8 months is so very fun. What great adventures, then, will 9 months bring?


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