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ABC Channel 7 Interview June 29, 2007

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My 15 Minutes: I’m so incredibly honored to be interviewed by ABC News (channel 7 in the LA area) for an upcoming feature on mommies who blog. I will post info shortly on when it will air.
First, a big cheer to all mommy bloggers online, taking time out of hectic family schedules to say a few words about their nearest and dearest. It’s a worthwhile task, and through blogging, we’re all in this together.
Dina Majoli and cameraman Sean put me right at ease. As a writer, I don’t spend much (any) time in front of the camera–it’s at the keyboard, on the phone and between the lines of research materials. It’s flattering to be chosen, considering the many inspiring blogs I’ve read–some which have brought me to tears–and the experience helped clarify just what motivates me to post any of the minutia of our family. After all, I’m occasionally haunted by the fear that blogging may be outrageously narcissistic.
Dina, a new mother herself, is also a blogger ( A transplant from the southeastern States, her blog “provides a chance for our loved ones to watch her [daughter] learn and grow each day.” That’s a powerful description of blogging’s ability to keep widespread families in touch.
When Joseph was born, I had an overwhelming desire to communicate to him just how intensely loved he is and how he’d changed our lives in ways that left us entirely awe-inspired. Simply, he totally rocked our world! I wanted him to know just how much we treasure him and decided to begin a lasting record of our lives together, just for him. With our own extended family across the US and into Canada, the blog, of course, has helped those we love come to know many details about our son that help personalize his young life for them, even across the miles. When we do get together, they have intimate knowledge of his wee workings. Yes, I often wonder if the day-to-day events of our lives are interesting only to us, yet the kind words and excited feedback we receive from family, friends and–amazingly–strangers confirm the value of publicly sharing joy.
As a mother in love with mothering, I can easily admit that worry about making the best and healthiest choices, (mostly irrational) fear for my son’s safety and sleep deprivation-induced self-doubt plague me regularly. In my mind, a good deal of whining and complaining can go on before I finally come to the blog to reach out to the thousands of moms online. The beauty of the vast online community is that it puts a girl’s problems in perspective. Honestly, is there ANY issue of parenting that most, if not every other mom goes through? We all want the best for our babies, and as soon as I begin to write about my seemingly singular struggle with this concern or that, I quickly realize that there is probably nothing I could say that another mom hasn’t experienced herself. This realization is wildly cathartic! My burden is immediately lifted and the situation suddenly becomes entirely livable–if not laughable–and I owe my thanks to the many blogging mommies who offer help, a comforting word and cheerful commiseration.
This is our online mommy group, and together we make up that “village” it takes to raise a child.


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