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Working on my Manuscript June 29, 2007

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It’s been a few weeks since my last posts. Eek, I must be more regular. Of course, my first defense is that it has been pretty busy around here. I’ve been working on a project that I originally started about a year ago. It’s a 10-week study about what the Bible says about our bodies. The aim of the study is to heal our bad habits (over-eating, smoking, drinking too much–or whatever else gets in the way of your good health and healthy spirituality) while developing a closer relationship with God. My friend Katie has been fantastic help. She agreed to let me email her with each chapter–great accountability–and has provided wonderful feedback and direction. (Yay, Katie!)
Unfortunately, much like my blog entries, I’ve fallen a little behind. I’m teaching a class at a nearby college, starting tomorrow, and have nothing but curriculum on the brain.
Again, much like my Bible study, I began a campaign last year to teach at a college. (We can never get away from our dreams, even if we put them aside. They always come back around, a month later, ten years later, or in my case, one year later.) It really didn’t go anywhere at the time, and then, out of nowhere, a year later–when I am really ready for it–I get a call. Funny, these dreams and projects got put aside just about when I found out I was pregnant. Hmmm, coincidence? I’m excited to begin, and I have high hopes for a great learning experience (for teacher and student alike).
The time between interviewing and start of class was such a small window! I had only one business day to find adequate care for my son while in class. This was a dismal failure. Being my first venture out to the world of day care, I have to say I was less than impressed. Naive: I was imagining day care centers to appear the way they do on TV–bright, cheerful, clean and organized, with happy little babies cooing, toddlers engaged in crafts or singalongs, and cute little rows of jackets on hooks. (OK, it’s a hundred degrees out, no jackets.) I was ready to spend some hard-earned money to ensure my child’s care and (early) education, and was appalled to find how even the upper end centers operate. I won’t go into a long diatribe here, but I’d like to say that quality childcare is ESSENTIAL. The environment, the people, and the program all matter greatly in a child’s life–and in the sanity and peace of his or her parents. This issue needs to be taken more seriously by our local and federal government, through substantial funding and sensible regulation. (Also, childcare workers who busted their rumps to get an ECE diploma deserve our respect, and decent pay.)
Three cheers to my sister-in-law who has, by the grace of God, joyfully accepted to take care of my son while I teach my class. What a relief. He loves his auntie and cousins, and will enjoy spending some time with them. I’m not sure what I will do for future classes, but I do look forward to having more than a single day to find care. Advice anyone?
While I’m tearing my heart out at the thought of missing even a moment of my little son’s life, I’m thankful Baby Joseph is at such a “mature” place in his little life. He rules the roll over now, and he’s determinedly working toward crawling. My brother Steven visited from Canada, and assures me that Baby J is only a short week away from mobility. We shall see. He is becoming very strong, and needs only a little assistance to sit up. He is a pro at getting his toes in his mouth, and he still smiles for (almost) everyone. Lastly, and ever so important, solids! We just began to give him some cereal in his milk. Daddy Joseph gave the inaugural meal, something that he has looked forward to, since I have been the primary “feeder”. The ped said to wait until six months, but we started a few weeks before the mark–and he just loves it! He’s taken to the spoon much easier than he did the breast. And he can really pack away the rice cereal, calling out for the next spoonful. I’m looking forward to giving him his first veggies. I’d actually let him gnaw on cauliflower and broccoli stems, to help him with his teething, and he seemed to find them quite tasty–or perhaps just fascinatingly different from a teething ring or cloth.
So, I guess I’m as ready as I’ll ever be to return to work. It’s probably better that I didn’t have any forewarning, any “countdown” to the end of full-time mommyhood. I have to re-commit to finishing my study–I’m only at Chapter 7–and I have to remain thankful for the gift of being able to work with the help of a supportive family. And I have to hurry home each day to be with Baby Joseph!


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