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Growing and Going! June 29, 2007

Filed under: Lacko Family Chronicles,Potty-training — rjlacko @ 6:37 pm

I remember when Joseph was just 8 months old, and suddenly it seemed like we’d established “dialog”. My little newborn was laughing, gesturing, and plying the tricks to get attention that he, in his myriad explorations, had learned worked best with us. It was an exciting time!
As a two-year-old, my little guy has opened a whole line of communication. Sentences! Even the ones that are part babytalk, part recognizable words, are complex, understandable, and often hilarious. He makes jokes, asks insightful questions, and makes his strong opinions heard.
He is passionate (obsessed) about “choo-choos,” can identify any letter and its sound with nary a moment’s hesitation, and has been calling triangles “twi-angs” for all of this year! He likes to announce who should get a wayward ball–“I got it!” or “YOU get it!” and often mentions the names of his cousins and grandparents. It’s such a treat to finally know what goes on in that little mind of his.
While he was quite bent on using a potty and identifying colors, since his brother was born, he has little interest in either. Every color is described as “blue,” and the potty has lost its novelty and mystique. He very clearly states that he would prefer a “biper” every time he announces the arrival of poopies.
Little Noah is growing rapidly. At only two months, he’s grown a full 2 inches (now up to 24!) and weighs in at 14 lb, 12 oz!! He is frequently mistaken for a 4-month-old. I was looking at pictures of Baby J when he was Noah’s age, and he was a full 5 pounds smaller. Quite amazing. Since Noah’s only job right now is to grow, I’m going to consider this a sign of pure genius! (As his mommy, it’s my right to do so.)
His smile and coos have been tons of fun, but, after every mother’s prayer for their child’s health, the very next best thing is to have a baby who is happy and snuggly. I was so very blessed with baby Joseph’s snuggly, content, peaceful personality, and with Noah, it’s just as beautiful and rewarding. He is so peaceful and observant. He rarely cries–(just when he had his shots at the ped’s office), but absolutely loves to be held and snuggled and rocked. While he doesn’t scream when he’s not held, he just glows when he is held and hugged. He is such a love. The nicest thing about having a baby (or a toddler, for that matter) is how much time is spent hugging and cuddling and looking at each other. Honestly, we just don’t get enough of that in life, do we? Just like when we fall in love and can’t get enough of being close to our beloved, we simply thrive on positive touching–and having kids (and a great partner) offers ample opportunity for daily lovefests.
Don’t get me wrong, it would be nice to have a lovefest with just my husband. We’re on our tenth week of new-babyhood, and our moments alone have been few and far between, to say the least. It would be nice just to have an uninterrupted meal, or go to a restaurant where just waiting for the food to arrive is not a juggling act, then seeing what and how much little J wants before he gets bored with sitting at the table… I know, the simple answer is to get a sitter and take a datenight. Easy.


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