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Return Ye To Thy Crib, Day 2 June 29, 2007

Filed under: Baby Bedtime Drama,Lacko Family Chronicles — rjlacko @ 6:25 pm

Day 2 Report: Why didn’t I start this a long time ago?! Oh yeah, because I love sleeping with my son, and I miss him at night. However, I also love my husband’s arms around me when I wake up in the morning, and Lord knows, I’m nothing short of dazed and confused when deprived of several night’s sleep. My baby needs a mommy who is patient, well-rested and ready for whatever the day holds–and so we go forth with the project.
It really hasn’t been that difficult. I thought there would be hour upon hour of screaming, but I’ve found that he accepts his crib fairly easily when he is first cradled, cooed to and kissed. And when he does wriggle and protest, a soothing pat and stroke to the hair, accompanied lullaby singing and some bedtime prayers go a long way to sending him off to dreamland. Last night, I got him down in just a couple of minutes! And I tiptoed away feeling like a champ–A champ with 33% more mattress!


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