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Return Ye To Thy Crib; Quick Report June 29, 2007

Filed under: Baby Bedtime Drama,Lacko Family Chronicles — rjlacko @ 6:25 pm

Well, yesterday was Day 1 for “Project Return Ye to Thy Crib”. It was a smashing success! We spent a lot of time in the nursey, rocking in the rocking chair, reading books, and singing (dorky, non-rhyming) songs about sleeping in the crib. At nap time, I got the usual screaming and flailing assault, but with plenty of patting, singing, covering and recovering of blanket, sleep won, and the morning nap was enjoyed in the–yay!–the crib!

In the afternoon, Baby J was playing on my lap. Every now and then, he stops what he’s doing, gives me a tender smile, and presses his forehead against me and looks into my eyes, half an inch away. (So sweet!!!) Occasionally, he will simply lay his head against my chest, arms out, as if to hug. It melts my heart, and I usually reward these little tokens of affection by softly rubbing his back, or gently stroking his hair. When this happened yesterday, I wasn’t paying attention to just how long I’d been stroking his back–only to look down and realize he’d fallen asleep! I quickly put aside any notion of waking him to put him in his crib; I just loved feeling his little tummy against mine, breathing in and out, so precious.

At bedtime, I was worried my little guy would be too thrilled with the non-stop party-nightlife of hanging with mommy an daddy to agree to sleep all the way down the hall. I was wrong. It took about a third of the singing, patting and covering to convince him to sleep in his crib. When he woke in the middle of the night, I simply rocked him, cuddled him, and put him back in. No booby, nothing! And he slept til 6:30….yes, 6:30!! I SLEPT LAST NIGHT!


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