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The Half-Year! June 29, 2007

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We’ve made it to Baby Joseph’s half-birthday. At least once a week, someone will smile and coo at our little guy, shake their head nostalgically and say, “they grow up so fast.” Any parent reading this knows the very truth of that statement. I remember, back in early February, packing away all the 6-12 month baby clothes to storage. In the final weeks before giving birth, I felt like I’d been pregnant FOREVER, and the idea of my swollen tummy becoming a 6-month-old anytime soon was preposterous and far-fetched–I wasn’t even sure when it would become a 1-hour-old! Besides, the clothes seemed huge; when I laid a sleeper out across my belly, it reached from my chin to my hips–he’d be practically grown up by then!
Well, I now shake my head right along with them, murmuring my agreement. I see new mommies carrying around these tiny, red-faced newborns and it feels like that was a hundred years ago. Children and time–a mysterious combination. How can time rush by so quickly, and yet include moments that are so precious, so tender, so elevating, that they seeemingly have the power to unequivocally stop time? Anyone who has cared for a baby knows that the sun and the moon mean nothing to whether we are awake or asleep, whether it is a new day or yesterday. Maybe we just use a predictable, measureable unit of time because the true passing of time is actually immeasureable–the slowing and the increasing of seconds is beyond our grasp, so we just average them out?
Truth be told, the 6-month-old clothes came out of storage before the date on the calendar. Our Joseph is one tall drink o’ water! We just went to the 6-month Well Baby appointment, and the pediatrician announced him in the 90th percentile for height. The introduction to solids hasn’t laid waste to his waist, thankfully. His weight was normal. Speaking of solids, that has been a very fun new exploration. We’ve learned that Baby J loves just about everything (well, not peas, so much. He’s like his uncle in that respect.) But, far and away, apple sauce is the big winner. I have Papa to thank for that, I’m sure. That man loves apples: fresh apples, apple sauce, baked apples, apple pie… Hmm, Julian Apple Festival anyone?
Last night, we argued about whether Baby Joseph can sit up or not. Daddy Joseph insists that the sit up include a razor-straight back. I can forgive a moderate incline. The ped seemed satisfied with Baby J’s attempt to sit, and marked his chart as such, so it is now recorded for posterity by a member of a pediatric medical institution that the child can, in fact, sit.
While my brother waged his bet that Baby Joseph would be mobile by now, he has not yet crawled. He works on it daily, rolling over, lifting his head, then breaking into a rapid arm-leg flailing that makes me think he’ll be a great swimmer. The problem is that he lifts his feet high in the air and kicks. He doesn’t push on the floor. If he were in water, I tell you, he’d go far.
It looks like I will be teaching another graphic design class this September. We’re all very thankful to Aunt Laura and cousins Maddy & Hannah for taking such excellent care of Baby Joseph.


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