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The Highly Coveted Rollover June 29, 2007

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Yesterday was a big day in the little life of Baby J… he had his first play date with the lovely and talented Nalia. Her mom and dad were in our Bradley Method class. Nalia and Joseph were due three days apart, but, as nature and fate go, were born almost a month apart, Joseph surprising us with an early appearance, and Nalia coming five days past her due date.
My husband was dismayed to hear that Nalia had perfected her own little roll over, to her left, while Baby J was still just lolling back and forth, resulting in the odd turnover that was more of an accident than a tactical maneuver. He asserted that it was his son’s sizeable biceps that were obstacles in executing a smooth roll. He’s a star at the mini-push-up, however, and can get most anything to his mouth in nanoseconds! Not only that, but he is blossoming into a Jumperoo aficionado. He can press the button for music and lights all by himself, and make the spinning toys spin, spin, and spin some more. But news of Nalia’s roll over, at such a young age, was itching his competitive nerves.
So, over she came yesterday. The two were quite taken with each other. Nalia is a sweet little girl, and Baby J seemed pleased yet perplexed to see someone his own age. They did what most babies do: stared at each other, and carried on with business as usual (nursing, diaper changes, cat naps). However, when we put them in the crib together, it was an absolute crack up to watch them together. They checked each other out, top to bottom. They both shyly kept both hands to their mouths at first, then Nalia found Joseph’s chubby little bared arm, and decided to suck on it.
Her mom took out a favorite rattle, and we teased, provoked and prodded her into showing off her new skill. It just wasn’t going to happen. She’d become too enthralled with Joseph’s mobile to be bothered. Then, the most surprising thing happened; Baby Joseph rolled over! In the opposite direction of the toy, but he did it! Nalia glanced over and grabbed him by the back of the shirt, as if to stop him from stealing the show. Too adorable.
Needless to say, it has become his new thrill, and at every opportunity, he’s now doing his rollover, each time finishing with his legs held VERY high up, yoga-style. He looks like a tiny gymnast, chest out and arms wide. It’s an Olympic finish.


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