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Recording History July 11, 2007

Filed under: Lacko Family Chronicles — rjlacko @ 3:07 am

smiles all around(Click to enlarge!) I’ve been trying to capture Noah’s smiles on camera. He flashes them so freely, it should be no problem, right? I took these the other morning when the boys were in bed with me… they both often gravitate there before the sun comes up. Little J is always on the go, but he did stop to give Noah kisses and lay next to him before running off. I took a series of my chubby little cherub with his double-chin-grin. Check ’em out!

Pictures have been a favorite new novelty for Joseph. I made him his very own photo album of virtually every family member (email your pics, Aunt Wendy!) and he just adores it. He asks to “read my book” over and and over, and can pore over photos of his relatives as many as a dozen times in a row.

 It’s been amazing to go through our old photos; I can’t believe how different the boys are in sheer mass. Noah is now wearing outfits it took Joseph 6 months to fit into. I have photos of Joseph as an infant in jammies Noah couldn’t have worn the week he was born, he’s so much bigger! Who knew nursing could produce such overwhelming growth?

Anyway, little J is just enthralled with his baby pictures, which he calls his “Josephs”.  I sifted through stacks of his baby photos for his album, but I won’t put them away just yet. He loves them too much.


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