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A Nod to Noah August 21, 2007

pushing up!It’s true that Joseph is often mentioned first in my blogs–he is potty-training, he TALKS to us (after so many months of babydom, it is such a treat to hold a conversation with a person who used to require all our energy just to decipher his nonverbal cues), and he is smart, funny, active and curious. There’s always something new with him.

However, Baby Noah, my newborn, is also deserving of zillions of starring-role blog entries. You could not ask for a sweeter, more jovial and contented baby than he, and while my day is often focused on Joseph’s activities and listening to and playing with him, Noah sits quietly by just watching or sleeping or smiling. He laughs and giggles at most everything and he sleeps through the night, and chatters away when engaged. He loves his bath, he rolls over, he is already bouncing in the jumper and often tries to sit up. He grasps onto his toys and listens with bubbly enthusiasm to stories read to him. He is a joy and a treasure and so very, very easy.
And, I’ll be so bold as to come right out and say it: I think he might be a genius. Now before you begin snickering at my indulgence, I’ve been following his development in several baby manuals, so hear me out. At 4 months, he should only now be determining the difference between “ba” and “pa”, and babbling isn’t supposed to replace cooing until about 6 months. However! Noah has been able to imitate the word “hello” since he was 2 months, and he has been babbling since 3 months. He is also almost ready to sit up, although I attribute that more to his cherub-like mass than I do to his intellect. And what’s more, he is already using his ability to roll to get around to things he wants to see at closer view. I tell you, a genius!
OK, one little story about big-brother Joseph, but this one is in reference to our youngest! The other day when I went to pick up Joseph from school, when I walked in with Noah, the new teacher exclaimed, “Of course he has a little brother! Oh, Joseph is so cute!” She went on to describe how Joseph had spent the afternoon with a baby doll and a stroller, and how he cradled the baby in his arms, kissing it and cooing at it. He changed its clothes, he put it in the stroller and walked it about, then cradled it some more. I saw how deeply he loves his brother, but also how closely he has been watching my relationship with Noah. I should have known; whenever the other children gather around Noah, he always waves away chubby little fingers, admonishing, “Don’t touch the baby!” (He has decided on his own that touching Noah is his privilege and no one else’s.)
As Noah enters the beginning of the teething stage, I’ll admit that I’m in no hurry for him to reach his next babyhood milestone. Truly, there is nothing more exquisite than gathering a whole little human being into your arms and spending countless hours just staring into his gorgeous eyes as he gazes back and smiles at you. I’ll cherish every one of his baby-days.
I’m so thankful. Even the toughest day as a mother is better than anything else I could imagine doing. I’m so blessed to be able to be home with my boys.


One Response to “A Nod to Noah”

  1. megzaz Says:

    Aww thats really cute. I love your blogs. Such heartwarming stories about your children :]

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