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Noah is 6 Months Today! October 17, 2007

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NoahOur “little” Noah is now six months old. He is little to me, but it’s true, he is already sporting 12-month sized clothes. He’s a whole lotta baby! Grow, cherub, grow!

A quick report to mark the occasion: No teeth have appeared just yet, but we can feel two on the bottom and one up top, just waiting for the right time to pop through. Overall, he’s doing very well with teething. He likes Hyland’s teething tablets, and he works out his need to chomp with Sophie, his squeezy giraffe. (Sophie is a gift from our neighbor across the street, who just gave birth to a baby boy. She delivered at a birthing center in the water. We can’t wait to meet him! I have a bag of groceries and some flowers to take over this afternoon…)

Noah has also begun eating solids. He’s had brown rice cereal and organic sweet potatoes, peas and carrots. So far, he has only turned his nose up to apples and bananas–weird, most babies love fruits the most. I’m sure he’ll come around. The introduction to food has also brought on a refusal for the bottle. When he’s not sloshing strained veggies around on his little tongue, he’ll only accept nursing. Hmmm, well, we can’t have too many changes at once, I guess.

And, tada! He is beginning to sit up! Everyday, he surprises me with a little pop-up to sitting position! At first, he would very soon topple over, but each day, he sits longer and longer, playing with a toy in his lap. I think by the end of this week he’ll pretty much have it mastered. Speaking of playing with toys, he can pick up a toy and pass it back and forth between his hands! Yeah!

He has understood his name for quite a few months now, and is clueing into other words, too. For instance, when he held or is in his jumper, if we say “jump! jump!” he smiles and obliges.

I’m very happy for him, but I do love these infant days and I’m not in any hurry to rush him into toddlerhood. It’s funny; now that some cooler weather is here, I’ve been dressing him in Joseph’s hand-me-down footed sleepers. (Don’t you just love hand-me-downs? There’s something so precious and sentimental about seeing your baby in your “older baby’s” clothes.) Now that Noah has moved into 12-month size, I’ve noticed I’ve run out of footed sleepers to “hand down” to him. Why? Because by the time Joseph was a year old, I already thought of him as my little boy, not my little baby, and dressed him as such. This time, I say with eloquence: “uhn uhn, no way.” Noah is my little baby, and he can wear cute little infant things til, well, er… I guess by the time he actually IS 12 months, he’ll be in 18-month clothes. And the weather will be warm.

When we were in Camden, Maine, I picked up a copy of Love You Forever by Robert Munsch at a book sale at the town’s superb library. Even though I can’t read that book without sobbing, it has reminded me that, while infant-life does fly by, both Joseph and Noah will always be my babies, and I will always be their Mommy.


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