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Noah on the Go December 14, 2007

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Noah on the GoNana took this picture almost 2 months ago–we simply must get our most recent pictures off the camera! However, I will admit that (visually, anyway) our Noahbaby hasn’t changed much. I mean, he was already sporting the 12-month clothes when he was 5 months, and the pants are just now becoming capris as he inches towards the 8-month milestone. He is hanging in at 2 teeth, but is teething almost incessantly now. Last night, we were almost convinced he must have an ear ache, becuase he’s been so miserable the last few days and he’s been tugging at his ears. Several reliable sources  later (,, among others), the consensus is that an infant under one year (regardless of his inherent genius!) can’t pinpoint where pain is, so pulling ears is not a clue, and that ear infections usually come right after a cold, while cold symptoms are still in play. Little Noah has not endured a single illness in his young life, so it must just be the teething.

He is now very aware of our comings and goings, and while frustrating, I am rather flattered at his concern over my disappearances when I use the bathroom or leave to get a drink. He is also waving hello to people now, with that little babyish Queen-style wave. (Really, you’d think the Queen would rethink her wave, considering it’s the hallmark of the under-one set around the world.) And speaking of hand gestures, we have been playing a lot of little hand-games (songs set to finger movements) which he can imitate with amazing accuracy. Will be a surgeon one day? Hmmm. Daddy Joseph says he will be a pianist. Well, for the next couple of decades at least, I suppose he’ll become a Wii champion. Sigh.

Noah hasn’t crawled yet, but is quite pleased with himself when he gets on all fours and does the rock-rock-rock motion. And, he loves to hold himself up. I’m so in love with him. I’m also so very thankful that little Joseph loves his brother as much as his Daddy and I do. They have always had a solid bond, but it is getting more and more fun as Joseph “talks” to Noah by imitating his sounds. It thrills Noah and is a game he can play for…minutes! (which is hours in big-people time!) Now that I think of it, I’m going to check out here what little Joseph was like at 8 months.

I do fear, however, that the glory days of breast-feeding might be coming to an end. I’m just not getting the flow I once enjoyed. I’ve been taking Organic Mother’s Milk tea with no success. I remember using a homeopathic tincture with Joseph. Aunt Shell the pharmacist sells it at her pharmacy; I’ll have to ask her. Anyway, this is just not the right time to stop nursing, for so many reasons. First, he is only now realizing separation anxiety. What is more comforting, really, than mama’s warm embrace and familiar milk? Secondly, we will be traveling to Canada over Christmas–a new environment/routine, sick people on the aircraft, a change in weather, new people holding him–he will need breatmilk’s immune-building antibodies, no? And the comfort and security?

He also has his times when he just expects it, primarily directly after his bath. It doesn’t matter if he is filled to the brim with organic strained peas, winter squash and pumpkin pie, he wants to be nursed after his bath, and he makes that clear with no uncertain terms.

But, for me, I wonder what if (sniff, sniff) I never have another baby? What if the exquisite experience of having a newborn on our home doesn’t ever happen again? I can honestly say that I’m not too keen on another pregnancy, and while I’m a huge advocate of natural waterbirth at home, and my own experiences were fast, manageable and nothing short of miraculous, I don’t really want to do it again. (Although I would gladly help any other woman who asked for it.) Yes, we could adopt. That is our plan, should we desire a third baby, but the truth is, after Noah, I may never nurse again. Deep sigh. I know a lot of women have struggle upon struggle with nursing and eventually throw in the towel. I understand that, because it isn’t as easy (or painless) as we are told it will be. But when it works, when mommy and baby connect, and baby absolutely loves it, when it is clearly the baby’s favorite activity, a failproof soothing technique, and a moment that brings a smile to his or her little angelic face, ooh, it’s tough to let go. Hmm, I don’t want to be that mom at the park who’s taken it a little too far (the child nurses, then grabs the mom’s car keys and drives to the mall with his friends) but both neither Noah nor I are ready to sever our bond just yet.


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