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Happy Birthday, Baby! April 17, 2008

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I can hardly believe my baby is now one year old! Has it really been 12 months since I gave birth to him right here at home in a birthing tub? I just received an email from, reminding us waterbirthers to spread the good word, so here is mine: I used a birthing tub and midwives for my sons’ births; The first time, my labor was only 3.5 hours, and the second was 2 hours. If that isn’t reason enough for you pregnant mommies to look into it, I don’t know what will convince you! It was a beautiful, life-changing experience both times, and the best part is that both mommy and baby are able to meet without having to detox off the drugs first. We are both high on endorphins, mind you, but we are present and alert and able to fall immediately in love.

Noah is a champ! He is trying very hard to repeat everything he hears. He even took a stab at “birthday” this morning. The only words he’s truly nailed so far are mama, dada, baby, cat, hi, and bye. He also likes to roar like a lion, bark like and dog, and is determined to snort like a pig, so far without much success. For nursing, he says, “bu-ahhhh!” and taps me on the chest. (Yes, I’m still nursing. He loves it, my milk is still coming in plentifully, and I’m not the least inconvenienced.) Although, I do have to start thinking about when we might start to wean.

Noah has had eight teeth since about 10 months, and can sit in a high-chair eating finger-foods. He can also drink from a cup. Unlike his older brother Joseph, Noah is a big meat-eater. He likes his veggies, legumes and whole grains, but he has no interest in fruit whatsoever, not even bananas. (Special note: At Christmas when we were in Canada, he loved the strained blueberries and pears we bought there.) With the exception of yogurt, Noah refuses all things sweet, so it should be interesting when we serve him his first birthday cake today. (Hmm, more for me?)

My husband loves Noah’s obsession with blowing raspberries. We have video of him doing it on my shoulder (laughing each time), but he will also do it to my tummy until I’m covered in baby slobber. Ah, to be mommy.

Noah absolutely loves dropping Joseph off at nursery school. He gets so excited just walking through the door. He also loves to rough-play with his big brother, bull-dozing over him in fits of laughter.

Music is his favorite. He will step right up to the organ or piano and begin tapping out sounds and rocking his little booty. He lights up whenever I sing to him (so his taste in music needs some refining!) and he loves to dance and clap and wave his hands. When Dora The Explorer sings the, “We did it! Lo hicimos!” song, I’ve noticed that he dances the twist, just like she does; (from a seated position, that is. He hasn’t begun walking yet, although he will stand and clap blocks together for a few seconds.)

From the night of his birth when I swept him up out of the water and he put his hands on my chest and pushed himself right up to look directly in my eyes, he has been so connected, so content with his world, and so ready to smile. He truly is a gift and we’re so happy to say, “Happy Birthday, Noah!”


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