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A Few of My Best Recipes June 10, 2008

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My other blog, Unassuming Foodie, is really coming together! My husband has been kind enough to photograph some of the dishes I’ve been coming up with, and I hope the photos help encourage people to give these recipes a try. Honestly, I am only posting the most wonderful dishes I come across or create from scratch–but if I were to whittle it down to just a few spectacular ones, it might be these:

Three Pepper Salad: This fresh, inspiring salad is an unusual fusion of flavors. Rice vinegar and sesame oil is unexpectedly paired with Mediterranean staples of fresh basil and goat cheese. I found a beautiful organic goat cheese with roasted portobello mushrooms at my local Mother’s Market, but I’ve located a few nice ones for you, which are available through my Amazon store.

Crusty Herbed Chicken: While this gluten-free recipe calls for baking skinless chicken thighs, the result is similar to a breaded and spiced, fried chicken dish—without the fat and flour! The idea for this flavorful recipe came when I was first exploring food-pairing and the low-glycemic diet. Newly married, my husband was so enraptured by this dish, he pronounced it our “House Special” and I felt very encouraged in our burgeoning roles as food-experimenter and appreciative-tester.

Roast Chicken with Smoked Paprika and Fresh Thyme: This recipe is fast becoming a favorite at our house. It is the one dish that my one-year-old Noah and preschooler Joseph actually eat in silence, their pleasure whisking words of whining far, far away. But make no mistake–this is no kiddie recipe. I’ve served this deceptively easy and elegant dish at dinner parties with great success. The flavor is exceptional.



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