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The Doctors are Coming! July 16, 2008

I am very pleased to announce that I’ve just agreed to appear on an upcoming episode of THE DOCTORS, a new show from CBS!

I will be discussing early potty training and demonstrating communication through sign language with my 14-month-old son, Noah. I will also share my experiences of potty-training my three-year-old, Joseph, using the conventional “pull-ups” method. 

See my clip on The Doctors here!!

You can read about our journey using the Baby Signs Potty Training Kit in these blog entries: 
1. Potty-Training at 13 Months
2. Potty-Training = Green Baby
3. Early Potty-Training Success
4. June is Potty-Training Awareness Month!
5. Infant Potty-Training–Er, Mommy-Training
6. Potty-Baby: Almost Trained at 14 Months

Want to know more about this new television show? They say it best:

From the creative team behind the long-running hit series “Dr. Phil” comes THE DOCTORS, a new, one-hour syndicated daytime talk show. For the first time on daytime television, viewers will have a source of reliable and fascinating medical and health advice, dispensed daily by a distinguished panel of five “on-call” professionals. THE DOCTORS will premiere nationwide in September 2008 (Check local listings for station and time). 

Story-driven, dynamic and interactive, THE DOCTORS does for health care what DR. PHIL has done for down-to-earth discussions of emotional and psychological issues. The series’ experts will focus on the compelling, real-life experiences of the show’s guests and then weigh in, disseminating valuable information about health, medical care and drugs in a compelling, informal, easy-to-understand and entertaining format. 

The team of doctors are five top practicing professionals, each with a different specialty — ER physician (and former ABC “Bachelor” in Paris) Dr. Travis Stork; psychologist Dr. Tara Fields, Ph.D., M.F.P.; obstetrician and gynecologist Dr. Lisa Masterson; plastic surgeon and reconstructive surgery expert Dr. Andrew Ordon; and pediatrician Dr. James Sears. 

Viewers are also encouraged to “Ask the Doctors” by submitting their questions and experiences to the show’s website about the health care issues that matter the most to them. Answers may be delivered on-air, or become the basis for a larger, produced segment. With its fluid format, THE DOCTORS covers a broad range of subjects, especially news-breaking, topical issues. The show features on-set medical procedures, either directly in front of the studio audience or in its backstage examining room, and off-site “house calls.”  This medical dream team will be the “must-go-to” source for information on the latest medical breakthroughs and cutting-edge practices and procedures, providing a valuable resource for viewers who might not have access to the most updated medical advances.

Five medical practitioners, with five different specialties, five days a week, discuss what people need to know to live their best lives. If it matters to you, it matters to THE DOCTORS.

THE DOCTORS, taped in front of a live audience in Hollywood, is produced by Stage 29 Productions and distributed by CBS Television Distribution. Jay McGraw, Carla Pennington and Dr. Phil McGraw are executive producers. CBS Television Distribution is a unit of CBS Corp.

If you are willing to teach your little one to become diaper-free (and help the environment by decreasing the impact of disposable diapers on landfills!) please purchase your Baby Signs Potty Training Kit through my “Motherhood Must-Haves” Amazon Store. The wee kickback I get pays for the environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies I use for cleaning up Noah’s “accidents” along the way. Thank you!
If you have attempted (or succeeded!) at early potty-training, I would love to hear from you!


7 Responses to “The Doctors are Coming!”

  1. lindaeaston Says:

    Congratulations from all of us here at Baby Signs, Inc.! It will be great to see you and Noah on the show with Dr. Acredolo and Dr. Goodwyn. Thanks for your help in supporting the use of sign language and early potty training.
    -Linda Easton

  2. rjlacko Says:

    What a rewarding experience Baby Signs provides! The company’s real strength come from people like you: warm and generous with kind hearts and a genuine desire to help families. Not many companies can say that.

  3. […] Well, Rebecca has indeed landed such a golden opportunity in the form of a guest spot on a new CBS TV daytime talk show, The Doctors, to premiere September 2008. According to network officials, the show aims to present viewers “reliable and fascinating medical and health advice, dispensed daily by a distinguished panel of five professionals. Rebecca will appear in a segment focusing on the pros and cons of early potty training. […]

  4. mikeandkatie1 Says:

    That’s really exciting. It’s great to get the word out and counter all the diaper companies’ current propoganda about “readiness”. I learned about infant potty training about eight years ago from No Greater Joy Ministries, but it’s really been in the news since we’ve adopted Amanda.

    The day we met Amanda at the agency, the foster mom was talking about how somebody had asked her if Amanda was potty-trained. She seemed to think that was ridiculous. I was preoccupied at the time, but I wondered what she would think if she knew I was planning to EC.

    It came up at my baby shower, too. One of the ladies said, “Can you believe some women are trying to potty train their infants?” Yes, because I am.

  5. rjlacko Says:

    Hey Katie!
    I have to ask: how old was Amanda when you adopted her? I’m very curious about training during the 0-6 month stage. I love how it is both ancient practice and now cutting edge theory. I haven’t heard of No Greater Joy, but I’ll check into it. I love the name; I’m sure it’s hard for people who’ve never potty-trained another human being to think of it as an opportunity for great joy, but the experience requires such trust, commitment, love and attention that the rewards for both parent and child are immeasurable. Cheers to you and your family!

  6. mikeandkatie1 Says:

    III John 4 “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.”

    It’s a parenting/marriage/gospel ministry. Their book “To Train Up a Child” first mentioned infant potty training. Then shortly before we adopted, Mothering magazine had a letter and I found out it was called “elimination communication” and could search that on the web.

    Amanda was three weeks old when we adopted her. I experimented that first night in the hotel, but then we were staying at my cousin’s for the next nine days and I wasn’t comfortable letting her pee on his floor/couch/etc. We only had two days noticed before we flew to Texas, so I had to wait until the cloth diapers arrived before I started at home.

    When she was awake I would hitch up the elastic of her baby gown and tuck a cloth diaper between her legs and under the elastic. It didn’t take very long for me to figure out the timing and signals for #2. We’ve had lots of #1 accidents but very few #2’s.

    After waiting so long for a baby, I’ve really enjoyed all the “work” and “sacrifice” associated with EC’ing and adoptive nursing. This time will go by so fast and I won’t be sorry for the time I’ve invested.

  7. rjlacko Says:

    Overwhelmingly I hear that from mothers who are successfully training their babies–the “work” involved is a joy, a labor of love and the intense feelings of connection with your child are only magnified.
    I understand the attraction of diapers, of course; It’s easy to put baby in a diaper and go about your own business. But, if you are able to invest the time and attention required, both parents and child reap the benefits. God bless you and your family. Your journey has just begun!

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