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Win a FREE Book! Momtourage Contest August 12, 2008

Win a copy of Rebeca Seitz’s newest book Coming Unglued, a fabulous follow-up to the well-received Sisters Ink (Scrapbooker’s Series #1), simply by giving your “momtourage” a shout out!

Coming Unglued by Rebeca Seitz
Coming Unglued by Rebeca Seitz

What is a momtourage, you ask? In a trend marked by multiplying play groups, Bunko groups, stitching circles and book clubs, moms are uniting through common hobbies to find companionship and emotional support. The women you can turn to and depend on as a sounding board, for help with the kids, or for outings to the park or mom’s night out are your momtourage.

A recent survey by the Craft & Hobby Association says scrapbooking moms have bonded to the tune of a now $2.5 billion industry. Author Rebeca Seitz is an avid scrapper, momtourage mobilizer and the author of the “Sisters Ink” novels. She knows first-hand how important girlfriends are to a woman’s stability, but in the often isolating world of motherhood, she also knows how difficult it is to find them.

Momtourage 101
Feeling isolated? Build your own momtourage! Here are Seitz’s five steps
for getting started:

1.  First, identify a common thread. Motherhood? Love of scrapbooking, books, sewing? Obsession with chocolate or coffee?
2.  Carve out a space in your home like a spare room or game room where girlfriends can join you in your craft, or secure a space at a public facility like a library or community center.
3.  Establish a schedule and take turns hosting, or determine to schedule each consecutive meeting at the current meeting.
4.  Connect. Make certain your time together allows for the most important thing – conversation!
5.  Stick with it. Remind each other that you are better moms, wives, daughters, women because you’re connecting with other women. No need for guilt!

About the book and author: Coming Unglued (B&H Fiction, July 2008), is the
second book in the series of humorous contemporary fiction set against the backdrop of scrapbooking. It illustrates the power of friendship and speaks of infidelity from the perspective of the “other woman.” The third installment, “Scrapping Plans” and releases February 2009.
In addition to her work-home balancing act, Rebeca is the founder of, a popular social networking site for scrapbookers looking to connect. Rebeca joins 26 million American women who scrapbook to capture fleeting family milestones, many of whom can relate to the juggling act of a career and motherhood. (Find fabulous scrapbooking kits and tools!)

One simple way to win!

Give a shout out to your momtourage! Simply reply to this post by completing this sentence: Thank you to my women friends! I give a shout out to ___________________________________. (insert first names of your friends!)

Here, I’ll go first: “Thank you to my women friends! I give a shout out to Vicki, Renee, Wendy, Jill, Denise, Gemina and Susan!”
I will a award a copy of the book to two winning post replies, drawn randomly one month from today.

WINNERS of the two books were SierraMom and SCMamas!


3 Responses to “Win a FREE Book! Momtourage Contest”

  1. sierramom Says:

    Each day I am thankful for the women around me I call for help and support! I need each one of you to hold me up and make me who I am! A big shout out to Ali, Sandy, Jenn, Julie, Heidi, Alice, Kristen W., Sam, Kellie, Kristen C. and Genny!

  2. reneechavez Says:

    Thankyou to my women friends! I give a shout out to all the SC Mamas! Thanks for your encouragement, friendship, and laughter when those stay-at-home days get a little long and crazy!!

  3. Haley Says:

    Thank you to my women friends! I give a shout out to all the other mommy bloggers out there! Thanks for helping me to know I’m not the only going through crazy stuff as a parent! 🙂

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