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Easing the Transition to Daycare or Preschool August 15, 2008

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The people at recently asked me to feature their site—I was surprised it hadn’t occurred to me before, so I checked it out! There are plenty of games, videos and parenting advice; This article piqued my interest. Written by Meri Wallace, a child and family therapist, and the author of Birth Order Blues (Henry Holt), it provides an age-by-age guide to let you know what you can expect when you return to work, and your little one enters a new care environment. Here are a few of my own tips:

  • Be honest. Tell your child what you will be doing when you leave (going to work, but still thinking of him or her), and what they might look forward to during their own day: painting, using the slide, playing with blocks with a friend, etc.
  • Listen and empathize. Allow your child his or her emotions, and give yourself a break too. Make plans for a special outing after work or on the weekend, and remind your child about this plan.
  • Take a special interest in the caregiver(s) and other children. Demonstrate your trust and your happiness to see them and your child will follow your cue.

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