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#7 Fun Things to do with Your Family this Weekend August 24, 2008

Does your family Recycle? Great! Now, let’s Renew and Reuse! 
Before you take the recycling bin down to the curb, let’s reuse items to create useful paper or host a Renewable Project Runway competition for tweens!

Make Your Own Paper!

Make Your Own Home-Made Paper by recycling your unwanted bills and junkmail into custom-made personal stationery! The average American household receives over 100 pounds of unwanted junkmail every year—give it a noble use! This easy craft is courtesy of the fine people at Craft magazine.

  • Little artists in your house will love having home-made paper for coloring and drawing, wrapping birthday presents or making greeting cards. 
  • Try using cookie cutters to incorporate designs into your paper 
  • Once you’ve created the tools to make paper, reusing junkmail for custom paper can become a regular family activity—and potentially a science fair project!

 Classic Cream Pie

This classic recipe deserves a “Best Use of Graham Crackers” award! (Actually, the last time I made it, I substituted Annie’s organic baby crackers.)
Did you know graham crackers were named for Presbyterian minister Reverend Sylvester Graham, who touted the merits of a high-fiber, vegetarian diet and promoted the use of homemade, unsifted wheat flour instead of refined white flour? 
Enjoy this heirloom recipe (passed down from my Grandmother to you!) while you gather with the kids and grandparents to watch old Charlie Chaplin and Three Stooges classic “pie-in-the-face” movies. 
(For more family-friendly recipes, visit my other blog,

Future Environmentalists Club

Make it work, people. Here is a fun challenge for fashion-crazed tweens. Host your own “Renewable Project Runway” competition, using only items from the recycling bin (newspapers, rinsed cans and bottles, lids, cardboard cereal boxes, etc.), masking tape, scissors and whole lot of imagination.
Each competitor designs and models his or her own creation (or have teams of two work together!)—the sky is the limit for this earth-friendly challenge.

Designate moms and dads to assume the roles of Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn, Michael Kors and Nina Garcia—and a few celebrity judges, of course, dahlings! Award prizes for Most Chic, Cutest, Most Outrageous, Funniest—and a say Auf Wiedersehen to those who just can’t make it work!

Family Deals and Contests

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