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My Potty Baby – Update August 28, 2008

We are very excited about appearing on The Doctors, on CBS, in September. The show premieres nationwide Monday. September 8, 2008 (Check local listings for station and time). I’m still not sure when our episode will appear, but I’ll keep you posted!

People keep asking me how Noah’s potty training is coming along. Since I published this post about Noah being 60% trained using the Baby Signs Potty Training Kit at 14 months, we are now at 16 months and the training is chugging along. The 60% mark was both a milestone and an obstacle. Getting there was a breeze! Getting past it has been the true challenge, and I’ll tell you why: Noah became obsessed with walking and talking. I URGE mommies who are interested in early potty training to begin (ideally) at 9 months, because your baby is stable enough to sit, can most likely crawl to the potty, and the “pop-up” made famous by new walkers is far enough away that you can make impressive potty progress. 

We have had to be very diligent about keeping Noah’s interest on signing and potty use while celebrating his ability to walk and talk. The good news is that, for the most part, he takes his potty for granted–it’s just part of his daily routine, and while he does appreciate a round of applause for a “job” well done, he does his business quite routinely without prompting, and finishes without remark, moving on to the next activity. I never thought I’d say this, much less publicly, but it’s a special sort of treat to notice the potty’s been used without our help. It means he felt the need, got on it himself, and got off without a mess, just like a big boy. Parents of preschoolers handing out reward after reward take note.

Noah’s ability to talk has been nothing short of amazing. I understand that sign language can be useful for encouraging language skills in babies, but I am just as surprised as anyone to hear Noah identifying letters of the alphabet correctly, making their sounds, and repeating them in order. He reads the letters in words and signs all day long, and can identify at least a dozen animals by the sound they make. (He calls ducks “quack-quack”, dogs are “woof-woof”, owls are “hoot-hoot”, etc.) What I find particularly interesting is that he uses the sound twice for most animals–that takes a lot of control! Cats are only “meow”, cows say “moooo” and mice go “squeek”, so he does limit the sounds for some animals. Strangely, he makes the most life-like noise for a pig (especially for someone who has never met a real pig!) We simply must record it. This may seem like an exhaustive list, but I want to remember the details of these spectacular baby days.

So, why not, I’ll continue. Noah is beginning to identify his colors, especially green, and he is beginning to name everything, such as flowers, stars and butterflies. It really is exciting for us as parents. My husband loves the fact that when a tissue is placed in front of his nose, he’ll actually blow. (We have yet to impart this concept to our 3-year-old.) Speaking of noses, everything: eyes, ears, mouth and nose, are called “eyes” by him. Hey, we’re working on it!

The toughest achievement, for me, has been his ability to climb. No longer am I able to play along with my preschooler at the park–his baby brother takes off in the opposite direction at full speed, climbs whatever ladder or steps are available (even the ones marked for 5 to 12-year-olds) ascending swiftly, and maneuvers himself to the very highest point of the play structure, where he’ll throw himself down the tallest slide he can find, grinning the whole way down. I write this with a wee bit of pride in my heart, but the entire experience of visiting the park has become altogether daunting. Watching him, my heart races, I begin to sweat with fear for his safety, and I’ve left the park in tears and rattled nerves from worry about my child tumbling from 2 stories. All the while, I feel compassion for my preschooler Joseph who needs my attention also, and just wants me to chase and play with him. Visiting the playground has become a 2-person job. I’ll need to schedule additional Mommy-and-Joseph time alone—He’s a fun and fascinating little person with a tremendous capacity for love, and I remember as well as he does our life together before Baby #2.


3 Responses to “My Potty Baby – Update”

  1. butterflymom Says:

    I’m having a heck of a time potty training my little one!! *sigh* Good Luck 🙂

  2. rjlacko Says:

    Hi Butterfly!
    How old is your little one? How long have you been training? Are there any questions you have that I may be able to help you with?
    I promise you, you can do it!!

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