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#8 Fun Things to do with Your Family this Weekend August 29, 2008

Become a “Junior Chef” Star!

The revolution has begun! Kids are in the kitchen preparing delicious and healthy meals all by themselves. Junior Chefs of America is the first kids’ web-based cooking program hosted by real kids who love to cook. The website teaches parents and kids how to create fresh, home-cooked meals, inspiring a new generation of smart eaters!
The creator and producer of the online show, Michelle Green, is a mother of ten-year-old twin boys, Alex and Jake, who love to cook. Michelle invites kids across America to create their own webisodes and upload them to the site–YOU could be the next Junior Chef star!
Here are some tips for producing a winning webisode! 
  • Maintain eye-contact with the camera, the same way you would if you were speaking with a friend. Make sure your recipe is delicious, nutritious, and easy to prepare
  • As you make your favorite recipe on camera, be sure to wash your hands first, and explain EVERY step. Explain it thoroughly, but keep it fast-paced and high-energy. Include a tip or two on safety in the kitchen–handling tools, storing food properly, cleaning up, etc
  • Have mom or dad follow you closely and steadily with the camera. Ensure adequate lighting
  • Download this release form, complete it, and send it with your webisode
  • A good sense of humor gets an A+

Upload your webisode (and completed release form) at

Apple Whiz

Any recipe with the word “whiz” in the title obviously predates the Food Network. My mom scribbled this recipe when she was yet a stay-at-home-mom—decades before anyone coined the acronym SAHM—and it’s a tried and true, family-friendly winner.
According to September’s issue of Real Simple magazine, legendary 19th century nurseryman Johnny Appleseed (John Chapman) is said to have planted apple orchards over 75,000 square miles across the US Midwest. The Johnny Appleseed Society reports at least one of those trees, in Ashland County, Ohio, is still bearing fruit. (Good baking apples can be found nearly year-round. Visit my other blog, for apple variety suggestions.)

Future Environmentalists Club

By raising our children with a strong sense of respect and reverence for Earth, we help ensure that there will be adults to step into ecological leadership positions.”–Helen Coronato, author of  Eco-Friendly Families,

Gratitude in our homes helps us feel connected. Encourage your kids to show their gratitude for family mealtimes by creating a centerpiece for the dinner table.

  • Recycle a used aluminum pie plate by affixing candles to it by melting the candle into the plate and pushing the candles into it. (Note: Little ones should make a centerpiece without candles.)
  • Surround the candles with natural treasures, such as rocks, leaves or pinecones, in lieu of store-bought items.
  • Each evening, light the gratitude candles (or place a small card inscribed with the words “thank you” among the treasures). Each person then takes a turn thanking someone in their life: a friend, grand-parent, co-worker, school bus driver, mail carrier, store clerk… whoever helps make life run more smoothly.

Family Deals and Contests

Win a copy of Rebeca Seitz’s newest book Coming Unglued , a fabulous follow-up to the well-received Sisters Ink (Scrapbooker’s Series #1) , simply by giving your “momtourage” a shout out! Visit the Momtourage Contest here for more info!

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I also invite you to submit your family’s fun weekend activities—The best ones will be featured here!
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