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#10 Fun Things to Do With Your Family This Weekend September 19, 2008

Photo Flipbook

Remember doodling little “movies” in the outer margin of your schoolbook? Try using your own photos to create this classic hybrid between book and movie. The creative people at CRAFT magazine supplied all the instructions. Click here for details!

  • What I love about this project is that all members of the family can play a role: little ones can pose, preschoolers can help select and organize the images, and older kids or moms and dads can use software and handle the scissors.
  • Imagine what a cute Christmas gift this would make for Grandparents and other relatives! Or, a sweet and personalized birthday gift featuring your child’s BFFs.
  • Try acting out a short play or favorite story. Create a short message on cards, or do a timeline of the year’s activities. Watch your children grow before your eyes!

Carrot Pudding

This rich carrot dessert (oh yes, it’s even richer and more decadent than carrot cake!) is a surprise hit with kids—yet also makes an elegant last course for guests. Part historical culinary wonder, part “health food,” Carrot Pudding (better known as Gajur Halvah) is popular throughout Northern India and Pakistan. Made with honey, raisins, milk–and carrots, of course!–I propose a batch goes to school with young students presenting a Geography project on the Middle East. Click here for the full recipe.
(Visit my other blog, for more great kid-friendly recipes!)

Future Environmentalists Club

By raising our children with a strong sense of respect and reverence for Earth, we help ensure that there will be adults to step into ecological leadership positions.”–Helen Coronato, author of  Eco-Friendly Families, 

Reuse extra photos from the Photo Flipbook project!

  • Glue your precious photos or artwork to make cute fridge magnets. Simply reuse the little magnets attached to all those business card and advertising magnets that come in the mail from realtors, pizza restaurants, etc. 
  • Revive “snail mail” by sending photo postcards. Simply use a permanant marker to write on the backs of leftover photos. Add an address and appropriate postage, and voila! a custom postcard!
  • Cut up old birthday and greeting cards and used gift-wrap to make a scrapbook album of your best and your oldest photos with narrative and notes and dates.
  • Plan your narrative with your grandchildren and their children in mind. One day they will want to know about you, your parents and your grandparents. Give them an idea about the kind of person you are, the things you like to do, and what your life is like. Make history today!

Family Deals and Contests

Sesame Street mousepads up for grabs!

Sesame Street mousepads up for grabs!

Get a FREE Sesame Street mouse pad, simply by asking! Click here for more info!

Submit your family’s fun weekend activities—The best ones will be featured here!
Looking for more weekend ideas? Click here for Fun Things To Do archived entries.


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