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#11 Fun Things To Do With Your Family This Weekend October 4, 2008

Forever Flowers

Perhaps its the weather’s indecision about clinging to the hot and balmy days of Summer or allowing cooler gusts of wind to blow the first leaves off trees, but these frequent heat-waves keep me from putting away our summer clothes just yet. Even though the first day of Fall this year was Monday, September 22, in many respects, Summer is still alive and well, and I have the flip-flops to prove it.

Supplied by the ever-creative people at Craft magazine, this craft is quick and easy, so you can pull it off this weekend before Summer disappears until next year—along with your flowerbed. If you’re looking for a timeless, classic objet d’art to complement your decor, this has got to be it: The art of drying and preserving flowers has been traced back to prehistoric times. It can’t get any more timeless!

Pressed for time? (Get it?) This project is easy enough for any family member who can pop a head off a flower or press a button on the microwave. Click for step-by-step instructions for this craft Send in your creations!

Caprese Stuffed Tomatoes

Since we’re not letting go of Summer, here is our last chance to take advantange of the bounty of fresh tomatoes available before we wave bye-bye to the season. These stuffed tomatoes smell wonderful cooking in the oven, and the breadcrumbs and miniature mozzarella balls  are welcomed by kids. (They’re also a good source of vitamins A and C!) Large tomatoes work best, but consider using cherry tomatoes and putting the kids to work doing the potentially gooey assembly!  Click here for the full recipe.
(Visit my other blog, for more great kid-friendly recipes!)

Future Environmentalists Club

By raising our children with a strong sense of respect and reverence for Earth, we help ensure that there will be adults to step into ecological leadership positions.”–Helen Coronato, author of  Eco-Friendly Families, The following are excerpts.

Ever wanted to shop online for great stuff… for free? Check out You’ll get to know your neighbors better and do the environment a good turn. This non-profit organization allows people to give away awesome stuff for FREE. All you have to do is pick it up! And you can do it it too! You simply post the things you’re ready to give away and communicate online with people  who want your stuff.

Taking a few moments to organize your items and post them online can open up an entirely new recycling outlet for you. All those things you’ve grown to old for but would still be pretty cool to a younger kid can be posted. In turn, you’ll find cool things someone else is ready to share, and all without spending a dime!

And, the good news is that recycling isn’t something you have to work at alone. Set yourself up for success by reducing and reusing with your family and friends—everyone will be better prepared and more willing to recycle, by your good example!

*Submit your family’s fun weekend activities—The best ones will be featured here!
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