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Christmas With The Lackos January 7, 2009

Here we are in January, and I’m just now posting photos from Christmas. Organizing holiday photos is a little taking down the Christmas lights. If you aren’t careful, it may just be July before you ever get around to it.

Our December was absolutely crammed full of holiday-related activities. My 3-year-old son Joseph assumed a fervor for all things Christmas rivaling my own. The two of us are, without a doubt, Christmas fanatics. He went ice-skating for the first time and while I was bent over the entire time holding him up, as far as he was concerned he was figuring skating like a champ. We went sledding, and he went right to the highest hill, all by himself! (Check out the slideshow!) We read Christmas themed books every night at bedtime, visited the greatest neighborhood lightshow in Southern California (Corona, CA), participated in La Posada, and recycled his old crayons into beautiful flowers and race-car crayons for his friends. We made home-made Christmas cards, his Grandmother sent a home-made Advent calendar, and we listened exclusively to Christmas music all month.  His baby brother Noah joined the fun, pointing and grunting each and every time he walked by our tree, and shouted with joy for every lit up house, reindeer, tree or artificial snowman he came across. Noah seemed to take it all in with joy–that is, until he was set upon Santa’s knee (as you’ll see in the slideshow.)

Just recently, when I packed up all the decorations, books, cards, music and holiday-themed stuffed animals, it was with a bittersweet heart. It is difficult to let go of the magic and wonder, but on the bright side, a New Year brings its own magic and begins a new chapter. Besides, there are only 11 more months til Christmas!

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