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Win! 1 of 4 Copies of “Because I Said So” by Dawn Meehan March 29, 2009

meehanbookNeed a laugh?
I’m giving away 4 FREE copies of Dawn Meehan’s new book, “Because I Said So…And Other Tales From a Less-Than-Perfect Parent”!

Meehan began her writing career with a hilarious eBay auction for a package of Pokemon cards inadvertently placed in her shopping cart by one of her six (yes, SIX!) children during a particularly harrowing grocery shopping trip. The story she told was so engagingly funny (haven’t all us moms had our own “special” moments in the grocery store with our own wild monkeys, er, innocent cherubs?) that her popular auction listing earned her appearances on NPR, ABC World News with Charles Gibson, CBS and CNN. (And she sold the cards for $142.51!)

Dawn Meehan’s wonderful, warm and funny book is filled with tales from the motherhood trenches, as she pokes fun at her mothering mishaps–but always with a tender heart toward her family.

A natural story-teller, Meehan shares her tales of triumph and woes much like we might dish about our own parenting dilemmas at a playgroup–and always with a positive, funny spin. I found her book comforting. There have been plenty of nights I’ve laid awake next to a toddler who just… won’t… go… to… SLEEEEEP! breaking apart and examining my struggles over what ought to be easy (a simple visit to the post office, convincing a child to put on his shoes and get in the car, deciding whether the boys can have an extra cookie or let them bawl about it for the next hour.) Dawn Meehan understands these struggles—and bears witness to them daily with her six kids—with a big heart and patience to spare, sharing it all with a good laugh.

Moms Like It!

  • “If you’re having a crazy day, read Because I Said So… and not just because, er, I said so, but because it’s fun and probably a lot like your life six times over.” — Jen Singer, creator,, and author, Stop Second-Guessing Yourself The Toddler Years
  • “No parent is perfect. But if you’ve ever found yourself in the unpleasant company of other parents who didn’t happen to get that memo, then this is the book for you. Because I Said So will have you laughing until your cheeks hurt, and you might even start feeling a whole lot better about your own parental adventures. You’re going to love this book!” — Martha Bolton, bestselling author
  • “Stories more gripping than duct tape and humor funnier than a stand-up comic! I laughed until cappuccino came out my nose. Many have claimed to be the next Erma Bombeck, but only Dawn Meehan can rightfully wear that bathrobe. Hers is the permanent new voice of parenting humor for us all.” — Debi Stack, author of Smotherly LoveTM: I Know Where Your Buttons Are and I’m Not Afraid to Push Them

WIN! One of FOUR free copies of Dawn Meehan’s new book, Because I Said So!  All you need to do is leave a comment on this blogpost!
Four winners will be randomly selected on April 30, 2009. 
Keep it for yourself–or give this heart-warming book as a gift for Mother’s Day or a baby shower! (My Aunt Janet had six kids (all boys—gasp!) Hmm, I think I might send her a copy. It’s cheaper than therapy.)

Learn more at Guidepost Books, or visit Dawn at


5 Responses to “Win! 1 of 4 Copies of “Because I Said So” by Dawn Meehan”

  1. Beverly Says:

    I am all about books on parenting so I can’t turn down the chance to own this one for free!!

  2. Tisa Says:

    Sounds like a fun read! ~:) Please count me in the drawing too! Thanks!

  3. Linda Says:

    I need all the help I can get …. and for free! Please add my name to the draw.

  4. Debbie Brown Says:

    I need all the help I can get! I have tried every thing with my rambunctious sassy 4 yr. old son. (who just might be ADHD)
    I could use a laugh about it.

  5. Wendy Says:

    I absolutely LOVE Dawn’s blog!! Can’t wait to read the book….well I guess I can wait until after the drawing to see if I won. ;o)

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