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Noah is TWO Years Old! Birthday Slideshow April 21, 2009

My baby is two. I suppose this means that he is no longer a baby, but I am in denial. Besides, it’s what he calls himself. If I write his name for him, he recognizes the word “Noah” right away by pointing to it and saying “Baby!” I sing his full name to him, and he joins in, but the second anyone asks his name he points to himself emphatically and affirms it again: “Baby.”

Sigh. To be honest, I’m surprised to discover that his turning two has caused me to long for another child. I suggested to my husband we try for a girl, to which he simply and flatly answered, “no, ma’am.” He doesn’t call me ma’am, so I can assume this means the topic is closed for discussion.

In honor of Noah’s birthday, we celebrated by inviting his baby cousins Audrey and Juliette, along with my best friend’s daughter Malia to a mommy-and-me morning at our house. I gathered together a series of age-appropriate (aside from my 4-year-old Joseph, who acted as “helper”, all guests were under age 2) puzzles we have in our playroom, and everyone sorted shapes and colors, while interacting with one another.

Then, I put out a collection of little instruments, and the babies shook maracas, banged on drums and shook bells and tamborines, and we sang songs such as Twinkle, Twinkle and Eensy Weensy Spider.

My husband was kind enough to create a circuit on the floor using colored masking tape, and the little ones chose from a small selection of pull-toys and raced them around the circuit. This was great fun, and helped them get some exercise, build hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills while problem-solving.

Outside, I put out a little table with some brushes and washable paint, but no one cared, because I’d also set up a small station for waterplay. Just a single tub with water toys was all that was needed to capture and hold their attention. Next year, we may simply have a water party! Everyone loves getting elbows deep in the water on a sunny day!

After all the fun, they were ready for lunch—4-cheese mac ‘n cheese and organic brown rice with lentils for the kiddos, and salad and pesto chicken for the mommies. Noah had selected a football-themed cupcake cake, and before long everyone was green in the mouth from the frosting’s dye. We shot a 10-minute video of him very thoughtfully and purposefully eating it. He tried with his fingers, then fork, then two forks, measuring the value of each… he was very deliberate. The whole time, you can see Joseph popping up and down as he does circles around the room flying on sugar.

Little Joseph did a great job entertaining the babies. He made them howl with laughter with all the silly baby-provoking antics he’s crafted over the last two years.  Below are some cute moments from the party–enjoy!

Looking for more birthday party ideas? Check this out.


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