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Nature Vs. Nature: 100% Natural Sun Protection… at a Discount! May 6, 2009

Have I got a treat for you!

Vivesana—creators of gorgeous, organic sun-care products—is offering a special 25% off discount just for Motherhood, Marriage and Other Wild Rides Readers!

Pure on Purpose

Vivesana (“live healthy” in Italian) was built on the tenets of safety and sustainability. By replacing synthetics and other ingredient fillers with an innovative blend of organic botanicals, Vivesana has produced a safe, luxurious, organic sun care line for babies, women and active families.

All products are water-resistant, hypoallergenic, UVA/UVB protective, phthalate-free, water-free, paraben-free and nanotechnology free. They are so pure that just the tiniest bit is needed—There are no fillers, thickeners emulsifiers, or synthetic preservatives to interfere with its efficacy, so a little goes a long, long way.

Get a Steep Discount!
My readers can enjoy Vivesana sun protection at a whopping 25% discount, simply by visiting the company’s website at and entering WildRide&Vive25 when making a purchase! (Spring for it now–the discount is only in effect until May 31, 2009.)

  • The Solar to Polar Ultra, SPF 40 is a high-performance natural and organic  sunscreen utilizing photo-protective organic botanicals to supplement zinc and titanium protection.
  • The Solar to Polar Baby, SPF 42 is a gentle, BPA-free, hypoallergenic, natural and organic baby sunscreen.

These sunscreens are absolutely delightful and exceedingly luxurious. Only the tiniest amount of product is required for superior coverage. I was very pleased to discover the product is packaged in a metal tube, and the opening requires a puncture to open (simply turn over the lid to do so.) This suggested to me that the botanical and other natural ingredients are potent and their integrity is respected and maintained.

The natural fragrances are very light, and subtly delicious. Besides sun protection, which my family wears daily (we live in California), these sun-care products are beautifully emollient and moisturizing, thanks to 7 different organic oils, beeswax and vitamin E. The Solar to Polar Ultra has improved the appearance of my skin, making it ever-so-soft, and younger looking. My little Noah, now age two, has very sensitive, fair skin. Within only a few minutes of sun exposure, his little cheeks begin to turn red. The Solar to Polar Baby has been delicate enough for his sensitive skin, yet also soothing and nourishing.

Out with the Bad, In with the Good

I’ve told you what ingredients are not in Vivesana; Now, let me share with you all the wonderful goodies that are in the products:

Zinc oxide, Titanium dioxide (natural alumina and stearic acid coating), organic soybean oil, organic safflower oil, beeswax, organic olive oil, organic jojoba seed oil, green extract and fragrance, organic apricot kernel oil, organic vegetable glycerin, vitamin E, sunflower seed oil, gingko biloba leaf extract, oat kernel oil, chamomile extract, and raspberry seed oil.


Vivesana proudly donates 10% of their profits to environmental and health groups. Please refer to the company website, to learn more.


5 Responses to “Nature Vs. Nature: 100% Natural Sun Protection… at a Discount!”

    • A. K. Says:

      I tried Vivesana and also had wonderful results. Once applied, I found it stayed on my two toddlers and did not need to be reapplied with frequency. It is also extremely moisturizing. Mostly I loved knowing I was not slathering loads of chemicals on them….

  1. rjlacko Says:

    THanks for your input, AK!
    It really is a rich, moisturizing product. My kids are a little squirmy and impatient–I’ve found that it helps to break it down a little between my fingers first before I try rubbing it onto them. But then it stays for a good, long time, just you said! (Which is very helpful, because once they’re outside having fun, most kids don’t like to be called back for another sunscreen application!)

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