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One Mom’s Rules for Tween Texting June 1, 2009

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Houston mom Francisca Ortega bought her10-year-old a cell phone and suddenly understood why tweens should not have phones.

They simply don’t understand how to use them.

Texting is a privilege, not a right, asserts Ortega, and when tweens abuse that privilege they risk losing friends and alienating parents.

Here are Ortega’s ten rules for texting:

Be cool. Just because you’re bored does not give you the right to bombard your friends with 50 texts in a row. Get another hobby.

Answer me when I’m texting to you! You respond to each of the 50 asinine texts your friends send you in a row. You have the time to take a second and tell me where you are.

If we’re talking, you’re not texting. If we’re at the dinner table, you’re on my time. Put the phone down. Same goes for school. That’s your teacher’s time.

No texting after bedtime. I’m serious about this one. To all the little boys texting after 10 p.m., even if she was awake she doesn’t need to be talking to you.

I am not your spell checker. Get a dictionary and stop asking me every two minutes.

Keep the abbreviations simple. If you text AYTMTB are you really saving any time if you then have to explain that it means: and you’re telling me this because?

Don’t text while fighting. Disagreements and miscommunications with your friends can not be solved in a 160 characters of misspelled and abbreviated words.

More than ten texts in a row and it’s time to pick up the phone. Texting is for short and simple messages not an in-depth conversation.

Turn off the ringer. I will hassle you less about your friends texting every two minutes if I don’t hear it. I promise.

No drunk texting. You may not drink now (you don’t, right?!?), but you’ll thank us for this someday.


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