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Twittering Moms Share Their Secrets for Motherhood Happiness June 5, 2009

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Mom, blogger and tweeter Meagan Francis (aka: The Happiest Mom), authors a cheerful blog sharing her thoughts about being a happier mom.

Curious about what other moms do to be and stay happy, she asked other moms on Twitter to share their rules for happy motherhood, in 140 characters or less. She received some great advice::

  • Choosing battles, relaxing expectations, & sticking up for yourself (”I’m not getting up again until I finish my coffee”) — @kt_writes
  • Get out of the house & explore w/your kids, even if it means you don’t get your list of “shoulds” done. — @motherofalltrip
  • If you did the best you could with the tools you had at the time: NO GUILT over your kid’s life choices. — @damamat
  • I’m not a mom–a dad. But I still gotta submit “choose your battles” as top notch advice from both sides of the parentfence. — @terrybain
  • My rule for happiness in motherhood “Keep your sense of humor.” That was the one piece of advice given to me by my mom. — @mammaloves
  • Children grow from the delight they see in your eyes. — @isabelkallman
  • Happy Rules: Choose your battles. Know it’s not original but it helps keep you sane with teen/tween girls in the house.–@leangreenmom
  • Stop comparing! Just as children are different, so are mothers & mothering styles — @cyclingwidow
  • Go barefoot and eat popsicles with the kids. Enjoy their childhood with them; it’s okay to be silly sometimes! — @laanykidsmom
  • Every so often, stop everything, really look at the beautiful girl I’ve made, and be awestruck. Tell her so. — @andrea_mcd
  • Time is short. Try to love every minute with them before they leave — @marthaandmeblog
  • Every day, do one thing that feeds you- whether it’s a single deep breath or a splurge at the salon or 5 pages of your fave book. — @srgruber
  • Here’s one of my Happy Mom Rules: “Don’t let the youth sports cartel run your life” — “You’re a Good Mom” (Sourcebooks 2008) — @jensinger
  • My mantra lately has become ACCEPTANCE. Kids will wreck stuff. Kids will melt down. Don’t try to change it so much. — @somethinggirl
  • My rule – perfection is not a requirement for the job. — @mbhide
  • Don’t make problems where there don’t need to be (aka don’t sweat the small stuff). Let them wear ridiculous outfits, etc. — @mayberrymom
  • One of my rules is to do something outside of motherhood that makes you happy; it makes you a better mom. — @urbanmama
  • “Happy Rule:” Don’t expect things to go a certain way. Allow yourself to be surprised.  — @toyfoto
  • It sounds cliche but don’t sweat the small stuff, let things go quickly, and laugh hard–especially when you’re the maddest. — @jennyann23
  • Learn & adapt 4 my family. Don’t be afraid to reject things that don’t fit for your family. Take a step back before responding — @playactivities

I love these answers! Cheers to all the moms! If I were to add mine, I might advise: In everything you do, tell them–with your words, your actions, and reactions–how very loved they are.

 What about you? What’s your personal number-one rule for being a happy mom? Write it in the comments below or follow me on Twitter! @RebeccaLacko


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