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Parenting Examiner Column – Week in Review June 20, 2009

My newest parenting column is now available on the LA edition of, the premier online brand for local information and events. is a fresh, innovative online local news and information source. Powered by a diverse group of contributors from around the country, Examiners are “credible, passionate, knowledgeable people who talk about their topics and share their knowledge in a fun, useful non-pompous way.” (Eesh, alert me if this comes off as pompous!)

Michelle Trela, Family & Parenting Channel Manager for, generously commented: “You hit the mark on pretty much everything I look for: localization, hyperlinks, photos (and you even used a slide show! Very few new Examiner are brave enough to try one, so bravo, it came out great!), clean writing (nice sense of humor, too!), a good headline.  Keep up the great work!  This is really top notch work; I look forward to seeing what else you have to write.”

Here are links to my articles from this week. I’d love to see your comments—especially any requests to cover whatever topic that matters most to you! Thank you for taking the time to check these out:


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