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Win a Lux Gift from LA Boxing!! June 26, 2009

For new mothers, there is no greater joy than welcoming home your newborn baby. However, along with that bundle of joy came another not-so-wonderful bundle in the form of “baby weight”—those extra pounds packed on by all that extra eating you did during gestation for the healthy growth of your infant.

Now that  Baby (and bathing suit season) are finally here, it’s time to wave bye-bye to post-pregnancy pounds! (My youngest is two, and I’m still trying to shake the final eight.)

There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

For all those looking to slim down, boxing is a fun and effective way to help moms get rid of their post-pregnancy weight. Classes are guaranteed to burn up to 800-1000 calories per hour! Boxing workouts are also notable favorites among celebrities such as Victoria’s Secret models Adriana Lima (who just announced her pregnancy!) and Marisa Miller, The Office funny girl Jenna Fisher and six-pack wielding Matthew McConaughey and Mark Walberg

LA Boxing, the nation’s leading boxing, kickboxing and MMA organization, is saluting new and veteran moms with a very special gift for one lucky Motherhood, Marriage & Other Wild Rides reader, featuring:

  • LA Boxing t-shirt
  • A 30-day trial membership certificate for the location of your choice
  • A pair of lux pink boxing gloves   

Just comment below to enter! One winner will be selected randomly on Monday, July 13! If you are not a mom, enter to win this as a baby shower gift, or give it to your mom, sister, BFF, partner or wife. With over 120 LA Boxing clubs  nationwide, there is certain to be one in her neighborhood.

While you wait for the announcement of our winner, try this simple at-home workout to help quickly shed pounds, courtesy of the fitness gurus at LA Boxing:  
Begin with 3 minute rounds concentrating on the following breakdown with 30 seconds break in between rounds:
1. Shadow box for the first minute: Keep hands always up (do all combinations with hooks, uppercuts, and straight punches)
2. Power punches second minute (punching hard every punch)
3.  Shadow box the third minute
Do as many rounds as you can, starting out with five to six rounds. As your stamina increases, add one knee after every combination using the opposite side knee of your last punch. Then, if you feel strong and are not over-extending yourself, you can add 10 squat jumps (jumping as high as you can in the air, then squatting as low as you can) during your break time.

Simply comment to win! One lucky mama will be contacted by email on Monday, July 13, 2009.
Special note: If you are new to motherhood, you are likely so tired you can barely think about getting to the gym, and that’s perfectly natural—and recommended! After Baby arrives, every mom’s best advice is to rest up for at least six weeks, or until your doctor gives you the greenlight to get back into a fitness routine.

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  3. […] Rebecca Lacko wrote an interesting post today onWin a Lux Gift from LA <b>Boxing</b>!! « Motherhood, Marriage and Other <b>…</b>Here’s a quick excerpt […]

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