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Say Thanks for Choosing Organic – and WIN! July 21, 2009

The following is an excerpt from my Green Living column on

One of the most important lessons we can teach our children is gratitude. Earthbound Farm offers organic salads to feed healthy, growing bodies and protect the planet; It’s up to us to foster a sense of thankfulness for the good we receive. 

Earthbound Farm believes when people choose their organic salads, they’re helping make a difference for future generations. The company just launched a web-based contest encouraging kids (ages 17 and under) to submit messages of thanks to those who purchase organic for helping protect the future. Winning quotes will appear the inside of its 100% post-consumer recycled clamshell salad containers. If their quote is chosen, your child will win:

A $500 US Savings Bond for your child’s future education

A $500 donation in your child’s name to their choice of one of these dedicated nonprofit environmental organizations:
American Forests
Beyond Pesticides
Environmental Working Group
Healthy Child Healthy World
Natural Resources Defense Council
Organic Farming Research Foundation
Pesticide Action Network North America
Union of Concerned Scientists

Winning quotes will appear on the back of the new salad labels and on the Earthbound Farm website!
4 winners will be selected in July and then add a new winner every month through the end of 2009!


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