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Should I give up shampoo? July 26, 2009

Beauty draws us with a single hair.  –Alexander Pope

It’s our crowning glory. Yet, in our pursuit of conquering the unruly, straightening the tightly curled, curling the poker straight and tinting the color, our hair is repeatedly abused with countless chemicals, and stripped of its natural oils—and both are washed down the drain by gallon after gallon of water. As women begin to update beauty routines with natural and organic products, hair salons are reporting a backward shift to an approach popular during the Eisenhower administration: weekly wash and set appointments.
Jeffrey Lyle at Boston’s Emerge Spa and Salon suggests outsourcing your shampoo to a professional adds both convenience and allure; “When it’s a little dirty, it actually looks smoother and shinier.”
When Sydney-based radio host Richard Glover  interviewed Times of London columnist Matthew Parris, who hasn’t shampooed for more than a decade, “so many people called saying that they wanted to try it, too,” recalled Glover. He challenged his audience to go without shampoo for six weeks. Eighty-six percent of the over 500 participants who reported results said their hair was either better or the same. One participant, Emma Rowles, 22, blamed her former “itchy scalp” on shampoo and announced: “There’s no way I will ever let a drop of shampoo anywhere near my head again.” Rowles’s results were not uncommon. Once Glover’s listeners stopped shampooing so often, participants reported dry hair became normal, straight hair took on a flattering wave, scaly scalps were soothed, and oiliness subsided.

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One Response to “Should I give up shampoo?”

  1. Wonderwoman Says:

    I just want to chime in on the whole ‘no shampoo’ thing. Every year for the past 10 years I have made a New Year’s Resolution baby step toward better health….you know, committ to one good thing in the new year. 2009? No more hair products! This decision was hard because I have a hairdressing license and can buy all those glamour products for half the price, but I have been paying the price with my health (and hair loss). I use baking soda when it feels really dirty, sometimes just plain water, and other times a watered down solution of Dr. Bronners castille soap (2T soap to 1C water in a bottle I keep in the shower). My hair has not looked this good since I met Mr. Paul Mitchell! It’s actually grown back in where it has been consistently thinning (see photos on my blog to see that I’m not a big greasy mess!) I think it’s due to the fact that I’m not clogging the follicles with mineral oils constantly. I’m not sure how much you’ve looked into it, but you can google ‘no poo doo’ and read other stories of people who gave up shampoo. Thanks for the great articles, keep up writing!

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