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Wash away the toxins. My picks for the best natural haircare July 28, 2009

Our well-meaning attempts to tame our locks with expensive shampoos and conditioners are, unfortunately often thwarted by the products’ own synthetic ingredients. Sadly, the culprit of dryness, itchiness and aggravated oil production are often common ingredients found in the beauty products we’ve purchased to alleviate exactly those irritations. What’s worse, many of those ingredients are also known carcinogens, toxins and neurotoxins.

We are what we eat and, essentially, so is our hair. Projecting from the epidermis, our hair sprouts from follicles deeply planted in our largest organ, our skin. What we feed it, therefore, greatly affects how it grows.

Take an eye-opening tour of your bathroom cabinet with Skin Deep,  the online cosmetics safety database created by Campaign for Safe Cosmetics partner the Environmental Working Group to help fill safety gaps left by the unregulated cosmetics industry. This searchable database matches the ingredients in more than 25,000 shampoos, makeup, deodorants, sunscreens and other personal care products with 50 toxicity and regulatory databases allowing consumers to find products free of carcinogens, synthetic fragrance or contaminants. For a quick list of worst offenders, see Chemicals to avoid in beauty products.

Shiny, beautiful, healthy hair is within reach. Click here for a comprehensive list of top selling natural and organic hair products, formulated without parabens, suates, synthetic fragrances or dyes, petro-chemicals, phthalates,GMO and triclosan.

This helpful list also includes suggestions for cleansing hair after swimming, tinting/coloring, maintaining tint/color, healing a chronically dry or itchy scalp, and giving yourself (or your beloved!) the ultimate treat: a scalp massage.

Read the article here.


2 Responses to “Wash away the toxins. My picks for the best natural haircare”

  1. Thin coat of gloss resulting in a beautiful shine. Eyecare Products

  2. Jenny Says:

    Being as green as possible is so important. There is a site that has green ratings that I love to shop at They sell eco friendly organic apparel and bath and body products including lots of organic and natural hair care. And, each product has rating telling customers how green it is. One dollar from every order is donated to environmental causes. I love it!

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