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Lower your mileage, save money, with your existing clunker August 6, 2009

Laws have been passed to ensure automobile manufacturers increase the required MPG and reduce the acceptable carbon output of new cars, and programs like Cash for Clunkers help car-owners trade up and green up. Yet, not every driver can afford to get behind the wheel of something fresh off the assembly line.

There are an estimated 196,000,000 licensed drivers who operate more than 220,000,000 non-hybrid or low-mileage vehicles in the US alone, How do we make a green impact with these vehicles? In order to make a significant impact in fuel savings and CO2 emission reductions, Dallas-based Fuel Efficiency Centers decided to focus on the vehicles that are already parked in our garages.

The company began testing fuel savings devices last year as fuel prices skyrocketed. “When gas was $4 per gallon, you could not get a Prius. In fact many used Prius’ were selling for more than a new one”, said Karl Singer, President of Fuel Efficiency Centers. “It was about this time that a light clicked on. The talk was all about what’s coming, not what it already here. And what is here, will be here for a long time.”

The company began looking away from vehicles with low-MPG vehicle’s short-comings, and examined the instead the habits fo the driver. “What if we could alter the driving habits of people in their existing cars? What if we could increase fuel savings by over 30% and at the same time create the incentive for drivers to limit their carbon output?” pondered Singer. 

Learn how by reading the rest here…

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