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Is VBAC Safe? Learn more at L.A. area seminar August 7, 2009

The caring and knowledgeable staff at VBAC Facts is offering two upcoming Los Angeles area seminars on the truth about vaginal birth after Cesarean. “We live in a time where 50% of American hospitals have formal or de facto VBAC bans, where women are told VBAC is illegal,” says Jen, a mother who successfully gave birth vaginally after Cesarean, and founded to help inform other pregnant moms about their choices.

According to her studies, it is a myth that VBACs are risky, while cesareans are safe; Evidence shows this isn’t necessarily true. A 2005 survey revealed that 57% of American women desire a VBAC, but less than 10% succeed because they not provided the knowledge, tools, or support to achieve that goal.

Upcoming Seminars: The Truth About VBAC

The goal of each three-hour class is to make information available and digestible for people to make their own decisions. The class provides women with fully cited, research based information as well as specific, practical tools to plan their VBACs in either a home or hospital setting through a comprehensive review of the latest VBAC research. Topics include:

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