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Eco-chic baby gifts for green mommies August 13, 2009

This is an article from my Green Living column on

Here are some fabulous eco-friendly items for green families welcoming new babies. From a natural hand moisturizer that removes germs to “green wear” for parents and baby, these are sure to please.

Hasenpfeffer Incorporated Selling under the name Hasenpfeffer (the name of one of her pet rabbits), Daniela Shelton’s hand-stitched stuffed dolls and bears hold up to actual kids’ play. Their asymmetrical shape is a bit anatomical—they seem to fall right into the crook of the hand. Familiar like a well-worn blanket or other childhood treasure, they’re quite cuddly. These little sweeties contain the standard materials: recycled wool, cotton, and buttons and hypo-allergenic poly-Dacron fiber fill, and hand-knitted outfits by her mom. Healthy for both people and the environment we live in, they’re lovely gifts for anyone who needs a little comfort every now and then. Shelton takes custom orders, too! The pieces range from $32.25 to $104.25, but the craftsmanship makes them worth every penny. Shop all Hasenpfeffer creations. (See the evolution of Shelton’s gorgeous creations!)

Innovative Eco-Cover Blocks Baby in the Sun THREE Ways!

Here’s a safe and natural way to protect infants and toddlers from the sun–at the playground, beach, or just walking around the block! The TogetherBe Peekaru Ozone blocks baby from the sun in three ways! 1. Covers baby in the car seat; 2. Covers baby in a baby carrier; and 3. Covers baby in the stroller. It fits on newborns to 24 months, and is made with an environmentally responsible Polar Tec fabric consisting of 75% recycled material, blocking 95% of the suns UVA and UVB rays. $49.95 at

OrganicJammies Teach a Lesson about Healthy Living

 New Jammies are the first certified organic collection of infant and children’s pajama wear, in the U.S, that also encourage healthy eating habits and exercise in young children. Incorporating fruit and vegetable (apples, bananas, blueberries, peas, and carrots) as well as sport (tennis, golf, swimming, and soccer) patterns, these infant and children’s pajamas come complete with companion story books (written and published by the designer) that teach how nutritious eating and exercise is a start in the right direction to living healthy. Price: $25 to $35 at

The Germaphobe’s New Go-to Prodcut

A hand moisturizer that cleans to remove germs at the same time? Move over Purell! Clean George is a natural solution for moisturizing and disinfecting hands when soap and water aren’t readily available. And, its the first organic moisturizer that is also a hand sanitizer–with NO alcohol-based ingredients, phthalates or parabens which are ingredients commonly found in other hand-sanitizing products, making it safe for children. One bottle at $9.99 lasts approximately 3 months. Shop

The FIRST plant dervived and 100% Compostable Baby Wipe

For baby, spills, travel, and everything else…Americans use 36 billion wipes a year! After learning she was wiping her first baby with a product consisting of wood pulp, rayon, polyester, plastic, parabens, and harsh chemicals, an Oregon mom has gone where none of the baby care giants have gone before. Her company, ElementsNaturals has introduced parents to the first and only baby wipe in North America that is 100% natural and produced from annually renewable materials. Made from 100% Ingeo™ fibers, the world’s first man-made fiber created from a natural material that is plant-derived, not oil-based, Ingeo fibers are free of chemical additives, synthetic materials and chemical surface treatments. The wipes can be composted, breaking down into a soil nutrient. The best part, they’re larger and thicker than traditional wipes to clean the messiest diapers. The wipes retail for $5.95 for 80 wipes at

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