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General Hospital celebs read kids’ books for Speakaboos! (pics) August 26, 2009

This article is from my Parenting column onthe L.A. editi0n of

Kelly Monaco, Rebecca Herbst and other cast members from ABC’s General Hospital taped a reading for a children’s book for Speakaboos on their GH set on August 20. With the celebs’ help (and the help of all Speakaboo celebrity readers), Speakaboo continues its cause to support reading and education for our youth.

15% of contributions to charityThe book will be available on and partial proceeds from their recordings will go to charities supporting children’s health and wellness.   
Speakaboos is an online publisher that celebrates classic literary properties for children such as Curious George, Arthur, Goldilocks, Snow White and Aesop’s Fables through the voices of today’s biggest stars including Kevin Bacon, Nick Cannon, John Krasinski and Kelly Ripa
recordingFeaturing storybook videos online with original illustrations and music accompanied by educational activities, games and contests, parents and teachers are encouraged to try the included story guides, lesson plans (based on national standards), and worksheets to reinforce educational lessons at home and in the classroom.  
genhosp3Speakaboos contributes 15% of all revenues to charities supporting children’s health and wellnesspartners with premier educational organizations such as the National Education Association
The entire Speakaboos library is available for viewing online for free on and available for download on the website at $0.99. Speakaboos’ goal is to try to reinvigorate the story telling process of classic children’s stories by having today’s hottest celebrities bring new life to these classic tales. 
You can hear some of our most popular celebrity-read stories on these links:
 For more info: Listen to all other celebrity tracks at Speakaboos.
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