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5 tips for moms searching for a new job September 4, 2009

This article is from my Parenting column on the LA edition of

Given the current economic conditions, many stay-at-home mothers are contemplating rejoining the workforce to supplement the family’s income. Many haven’t worked in several years and are finding that the market isn’t quite like it used to be and that the tools being used for job search have changed. Job search engine,, has put together a quick list of tips to help moms make their job search easier:

1. New Tools: A few years ago, job boards like CareerBuilder and HotJobs were the first place that many job seekers looked when starting the search for a new job. Those sites, and others like them, are still extremely important, but limit job-seekers to only those postings paid for by employers. Specialized job search engines like empower job seekers by offering job postings from a variety of job boards including CareerBuilder and HotJobs, plus listings from virtually every employer and recruiter on the web. When you find a job you want, just click the search result to be taken to the original source of the job listing, then submit your resume directly.

2. Networking: It’s always been important, but networking has only become more critical over the last few years. There more online tools and communities than ever; Use them to connect to people who are working in the areas you’re interested in working in and dig up hidden opportunities. And don’t forget that face-to-face, personal relationships are more powerful than ever in a digital world. Whether at a dinner party, at the gym, or while chatting with neighbors, keep the lines of communication open. Tell people what you’re looking for and about your skills. You might be surprised how quickly you discover new leads.

3. Workplace Flexibility: The market may be tough, but many jobs today offer perks that most in the workforce wouldn’t have dreamed of in the past—some of which are particularly valuable to working moms. Specifically, many employers are increasingly open to letting employees working remotely at least part of the time. It’s worth researching which companies offer that sort of flexibility, then adjusting your search criteria accordingly. The flexibility to work from home, or adjust your schedule on the fly, could be the difference between being able to take on a job or not, and at the very least it’ll ease some of the challenges of being a working mother.

4. Short-term Gigs: If you need a good way to segue back in the working world, consider freelance or temping job opportunities as a starting point, or even as a long term tool for dividing your time between family and work according to a schedule that works for you. In this environment, many companies are placing an emphasis on flexibility for themselves by using temporary workers. Turn that to your advantage.

5. Employer Sponsored Childcare: Although benefits are under pressure in the current economic environment, far more employers have internal childcare programs now than did 10 years ago. Be sure to research the childcare benefits offered by prospective employers and check on the benefits that your spouse may be entitled to, so you keep more of your paycheck once you land the right job.

For more info: Search jobs at

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3 Responses to “5 tips for moms searching for a new job”

  1. […] original post here: 5 tips for moms searching for a new job News, bankruptcy, income […]

  2. Lindsay Says:

    Those are some really good tips for mom’s looking for work! I also wanted to add that sometimes direct selling is a great way to make a little cash on the side, or a lot if you join a reputable company like I did with minimal start up costs, amazing products that sell themselves, a team effort, and the best “free” training on the market. I am talking about Arbonne, and I am only a month in…and am having tremendous success building my business, which means more $! You or anyone else can always contact me if you are interested.

    The extra income is so important to me because this year my husband was one of the unemployed and it hurt us badly. Even when he did find a job, we took a 20% pay cut. So me doing this is almost essential to stay afloat, and I love it!

  3. Sara Says:

    Hi Rebecca,

    Your tips are great! If you don’t mind, I wanted to introduce you to my company, I’m a mom who started this site to help other moms find more flexible, telecommuting opportunities. We weed out all of the junk, ads, and scams, and present only hand-screened, legitimate job listings on our site.

    If you’d like to check it out and/or talk sometime, please let me know. I’m always happy to network with other moms 🙂

    Many cheers,

    Sara Fell
    Mother of 2 fantastic boys 🙂

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