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Trust Birth Conference in March 2010 – Excellent line-up, plan now! September 28, 2009

Moms-to-be, natural birth practitioners, doulas, midwives, OB/GYNs, chiropractors and authors are joining together for the Trust Birth Conference, March 12-14, 2010, in Redondo Beach.

This is a special opportunity for pregnant women, mothers, and those interested in natural birth methods, as conferences of this nature are typically restricted only to industry health professionals.

Keynote speaker Dr. Sarah Buckley is a family physician with qualifications in GP-obstetrics and family planning; a writer and lecturer on pregnancy, birth and parenting; and currently full-time mother to her four children, all born at home. Sarah’s book, Gentle Birth Gentle Mothering: A Doctors Guide to Natural Childbirth and Gentle Early Parenting Choices is published in the US and worldwide by Celestial Arts. Sarah brings a unique and powerful blend of solid scientific, anthropological and psychological perspectives, along with a deep trust in the natural processes.

Each day of the conference offers numerous seminars facilitated by some of the world’s leading natural birth advocates:

For more info: Check out the impressive list of conference faculty. See the listings for all sessions.
See detailed info on conference pricing. 


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5 Responses to “Trust Birth Conference in March 2010 – Excellent line-up, plan now!”

  1. Bernadette Says:

    Hi Rebecca,
    I’m glad you found our blog too! And I just wanted to let you know, that’s an old blog. We’ve moved on over to a real website now at I hope you check it out. And we look forward to hearing from you again.

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  4. Really its an excellent step for moms.

  5. Bane Says:

    What lessons have you learned from your relationships?

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