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Tips and thoughts on a gluten-free Thanksgiving November 2, 2009

Managing a gluten-free diet is tough at the best of times. In even the most innocuous foods may lurk soy sauce (made with wheat) or mystery fillers in those fabulous eggs you ate at that cute brunch spot. Traveling to visit friends and family over Thanksgiving holiday presents an obstacle course for staying gluten-free.

Your best defense is to host Thanksgiving at your place, with you doing all the cooking yourself. Of course, delegate others to set the table and wash the dishes! Just because you want to eat right through the holidays, doesn’t mean you must become a martyr.

I love what Gluten-Free Girl says about living with gluten intolerance  around the holidays. “I’ve had requests for gluten-free cinnamon rolls, mincemeat pie, stuffing, and gravy. Everyone, it seems, wants to eat exactly what he or she ate as a child — before the celiac diagnosis — and have it taste exactly the same.

The thing is, everyone, it will never taste the same. No matter how good your pumpkin pie recipe with a gluten-free crust, it will never taste like the pie you ate as a child. It could taste even better. But it won’t taste the same.

Early on in this gluten-free journey, I decided that longing for the same old foods with gluten-free ingredients was like longing for a boyfriend I had broken up with. It never works.” offers some helpful advice for surviving the holiday:

For more info: 


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