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Chevy Chase Green Auction opens bids to spend the day with your fave celeb! November 6, 2009

This November, bid to spend some time with your favorite celebrity while helping communities and schools become greener–and stronger! Chevy Chase and his wife Jayni Chase, who has over 20 years of experience with Green education and environmental community action, are tirelessly dedicated to providing underserved communities with the tools and resources necessary to create healthy learning environments and greener neighborhoods. The 6th Annual Chevy Chase Green Auction benefits GREEN Community Schools, whose mission is to create long-term holistic partnerships between the school, local community residents, stakeholders, available resources and families to ensure that the community is environmentally aware and able to successfully practice and promote sustainability in their lives, communities and globally.

Please be warned, these amazing experiences pose a sizeable bidding war. Who can afford to spend as much as $15,000 or more on a single day? Certainly, not only those with tens of thousands of dollars of dsiposable income will reap the rewards? I would be interested to hear from philanthropic companies who are bidding and will award the experience to one lucky staff or community member, or any other person who is somehow involved with the auction who did not necessarily make the winning bid.

The faboulous list of auction items is seemingly endless. Here are simply a few highlights: 

Enjoy a 10-Day/9-Night Expedition for Two Exploring the Galapagos Islands with Lindblad Expeditions Aboard the National Geographic Endeavour Includes: A category 1 cabin for two for departure before December 31, 2010.

Small ship expedition cruises to the Galapagos Islands are your opportunity to discover one-of-a-kind wildlife in a spectacular setting with a top-tier Expedition Team. We’re proud to have been the first in the Galapagos Islands. That’s over 40 years of experience in the Land of Darwin. And thanks to our long history of expedition cruises in the Galapagos Islands, you’ll do so much more than observe this precious ecosystem. You’ll interact with it. Grab a snorkel. Hop in a kayak. And discover up close the wonders that make the Galapagos Islands one of the world’s most unparalleled adventure travel destinations. It could be the most exciting educational travel experience you’ll ever have. Please click HERE to learn more!

Meet Oprah Backstage! Includes: a framed, signed headshot, 2 VIP tickets to a taping of The Oprah Winfrey Show plus a meet and greet/photo opportunity with Ms. Winfrey. Must be redeemed by April 2010. Show tapes in Chicago, IL. All attendees must be at least 18 years old and show photo ID. Attendees are subject to procedures and conditions of the show. May not be transferred.

Here’s your chance to be a part of the audience on the show of this American multiple-Emmy Award winning host with the highest-rated talk show in television history.

Meet Stephen Colbert on the Set of The Colbert Report What The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is to evening news, The Colbert Report is to personality-driven pundit shows. Stephen Colbert brings his sarcastic charm to a half-hour report, tackling the important issues of the day and telling his guests why their opinions are just plain wrong. Now, you and three others get this fun and informative opportunity to meet Stephen Colbert.

Enjoy 2 Tickets to Saturday Night Live Includes: 2 air tickets to Saturday Night Live good from September 2009-May 2010. Winner must contact SNL at least three weeks prior to reserve the tickets. Must present certificate when making the reservation. Please note that the first, last and Christmas shows are not available. Children under the age of 16 will not be permitted.

Attend the Premiere of “Due Date”, Starring Robert Downey, Jr. Includes: 2 tickets to the premiere of Due Date starring Robert Downey, Jr., Jamie Foxx, Michelle Monaghan and more. Date and location TBD.

Due Date is the story of when a high-strung father-to-be is forced to hitch a ride with a college slacker on a road trip in order to make it to his child’s birth on time.

Meet Regis Philbin After a Taping of “LIVE with Regis and Kelly”! Includes: 4 tickets to the studio audience of Live with Regis and Kelly plus a meet and greet with Regis Philbin. Winners must make reservations at least 4 weeks in advance. Names will be left on a VIP list. Winners must arrive by 8am. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult and children under 10 are not permitted. Eating, drinking or smoking in studios is not permitted. ABC prohibits weapons of any kind onto the premises (including an individual who may have a legal right to carry a weapon).

With Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa — and who knows what celebrity guests — the winner of this auction lot is guaranteed a fun-filled morning that includes meeting Regis Philbin! Taping takes place at their studio at 67th Street and Columbus Avenue in New York City.

Spend a Day in the Studio with Howard Stern This exclusive experience for Jayni and Chevy Chase’s Green School Auction: Sit in on the Howard Stern Show and watch Howard and Robin and the gang do their show live–you’ll also get a full tour of the studio and offices by Gary “Baba Booey” Dell’ Abate! However, as promised by Howard, this year will be even better!

The winner of this incredible experience will be able to sit in during a taping of the show and observe all the action. A meet and greet with the entire crew is included in this package. HOWARD ALSO COMMITTED WHEN CHEVY WAS ON THE SHOW ON SEPTEMBER 18TH TO LET THE WINNER PICK AN EXACT SHOW BASED ON WHAT IS HAPPENING AND THE GUEST SCHEDULE TO MAKE SURE THAT THE WINNER’S EXPECATIONS ARE EXCEDED…INCLUDING HAVING CHEVY COME BACK TO ACCOMPANY THE WINNER. For true Howard Stern fans who listened to the September 18th exclusive one hour Chevy Chase interview and know their long and close history, this is truly a Howard Stern fan dream come true. Gary Dell’Abate, Howard’s long time producer will serve as the host for this experience and tour the winner around the studio.  For Howard Stern fans, life does not get any better! View all items

Meet Joel McHale on the Set of “The Soup” Plus Take Home a Signed Script from “Community” Includes: 2 tickets to The Soup  plus a meet and greet with Joel McHale plus a signed script from Community. In condition as donated, may not not be returned or exchanged. Winner must schedule “The Soup” set visit at least 3 weeks in advance. Tapings are Thursdays at 7:15pm at E! in Los Angeles. Must be over 14 years old and be redeemed by December 2010. ‘The Soup’ is an E! Entertainment Television weekly series. The show is hosted by Joel McHale, who provides sarcastic and biting commentary on the various clips. View all items

More information on The GREEN Community Schools.

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