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WIN a $2000 PROM Makeover! April 12, 2010

Is your teenaged girl unsure she wants to attend her prom? Or perhaps can’t afford it? Having trouble finding the right dress? Here’s a unique twist on the “pimp my prom” concept for teen girls from Kymaro and Beauty Spa Essentials!

They are offering an amazing prize package, valued at up to $2,000, including a free prom dress, manicure, pedicure, free hair color, cut and styling, plus a limo ride to the prom for your teen and her date and prom tickets paid for by Kymaro.

To enter the contest, each girl must be a junior or senior in high school and should write a one-page , heartwarming essay on why she does not want to attend her prom.  Send the letter, via email, to and tell why you’re hesitant to attend the prom (whether it’s a recent breakup with a boyfriend or because you can’t afford it).  Each letter must include: your first and last name, the name of your high school, what grade you’re in, date of your prom, your email address and phone number – and (finally!) how you heard about the contest.For more information on the contest, go to Kymaro’s Facebook page.  The contest ends on April 15.

Five winners will be picked from five cities:  Orlando, Cincinnati, Chicago, Dallas and Atlanta.”


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