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The Good Word October 5, 2007

One of the great joys of writing is connecting with people I would not otherwise meet, hearing and reporting on their personal stories, discoveries and triumphs.

A good story depends on a writer’s ability to engage an interviewee with provocative, open-ended questions, peeling back layers until the heart of the story is revealed. Then, report it with integrity.

Here are a few recent comments that both motivate me and warm my heart! 

Profitable Partnership: How MIT Srivetrain Literally Tracked Its Way to Success
Off-Road Business, October 2007
Story by Rebecca Jane Lacko
Photos by Joseph Lacko
“I would again like to thank you and your husband. You were both a pleasure to work with.  I just received the article and we are so happy.  The pictures look fabulous, the article is beyond our expectations.  We cannot thank you enough.”
Karen Sugg, partner, MIT

Lobbying for the Open Road: New England Off-Road Outfitters Rewrite the Rules
Off-Road Business, November 2007
Story by Rebecca Jane Lacko
Photos by Joseph Lacko
We think the article is great. We had a great time working with you, and just want to thank you both for making the trip out to Maine. Come back to Maine any time.”
Chris Mellin, partner, N.E. Off-Road Outfitters

“Thanks for an excellent piece on New England Outfitters! It really broke the mold in covering a business from a whole different angle.
I like the way they carved a niche for themselves and fought for their customer base as opposed to simply going with the flow.
I think our readers will find your piece not only relevant, but inspiring in facing their own obstacles.”
Michael Imlay, Editor-in-Chief
Off-Road Business

Building a Better Marketing Plan: Effective, Efficient and at The Right Price
Off-Road Business, September 2007

Story by Rebecca Jane Lacko
“Awesome! Great article! Keep up the good work.”
 Steve Adams, owner, 316 Design


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